3 essential elements of a winning attitute

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It is one thing to jump into something, it’s another to believe in it and totally different to remain committed to it. Leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Junior, Richard Branson, Wayne Nuget  and other countles reputable leaders understand that winners commit to the course whereas losers perish before the journey has started.

 This reminds me of Eric Thomas when he asked, what could have happened today  if brave men and women slaves did not commit to setting themselves and future generations free from their captors irrespective of the price they had to pay?
You and I have a different set of challenges today, however we fail to break through to reach our goals. From a myriad of examples in political history, business and other areas of life, there are essential characteristics we can learn from the mentality of winners:

1. Own your dreams

I have seen people presented with opportunities and getting exited about the  prospects of a better life. The challenge with many is that they get exited about these dreams yet want others to make them real on their behalf. Winners dream big and never outsource the achievement of their dreams to others, they carry the weight on their shoulders. This does not mean that they regard themselves as self-sufficient but know that others cannot carry their dreams. Once they get involved in something, they get their feet firmly grounded and totally in the game and not one foot in and the other outside. They are willing to climb the mountain and understand that those at the top were never parachuted there.

2. Know there’s  price to be paid

Easy is not part of the vocabulary of the winners. They know that anything worth their sweat has a price tag. Winners expend energy and effort irrespective of the size or nature of the price. They are not dissuaded by the process and it’s challenges. They know that they can get to the price by going through the odds. Knowing that there’s a price to pay makes winners mentally prepared for the journey. They understand the words of Isaac Barrow that  “nothing of worth or weight can be achieved with half a mind , with half a heart, and with a lame endeavour”.

3. Pay the price

The political and economic freedom fighters paid the price with their lives. They lost families and loved ones in the process. They lost themselves and their dignity in the course of the struggle for political emancipation. You and I can only lose a few sleepless nights, have friends quit along the way or we can have our investment capital pushed down the drain and we still cry loud and call it quits? We don’t have an excuse to quit. Quitters were never in the game in the first place, however winners are prepared to pay their price come hell or high waters. Winners know that “you have to pay a price. You will find that everything in life excats a price, and you will have to decide whether the price is worth the prize” – Sam Nunn.
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper
Tex Hlalele


  1. At times we might be tempted to think that paying the price involves huge stuff. Forgoing that favourite TV show to get through a critical activity or to completely ban it is part of paying the price. You need to be brave enough to tell your friends that you’re not available for 6 months or even a year. I remember when I did my MBA studies I had to forego my friends because I was focused on the end goal. I was prepared to be with those who were playing a pivotal role towards my goals. Paying the price might mean burning the midnight oil to learn the new craft. Sometimes the price to pay involves facing the excuses I highlighted in a few previous articles. Are you prepared to pay the price?

  2. When you are presented with a new opportunity positivity is what occupies your mind, positive thoughts and attitude are all one has. The moment it becomes a reality the challenges make you question if you are at a right place or if you should be doing something different. The three essential elements are recommended at that stage of life where a new opportunity is presented to you, they will definitely assist in ensuring that you taking the right path by doing a self introspection before you take on a new journey, it can be a new job, studies etc. In that way excellence will be key

    1. I like what you’re saying Makgotso, and part of that self introspection involves taking the feedback without being defensive or trying to protect yourself. We grow by being vulnerable,

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