Who Is Your Accountability Partner?

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This question came up during one of the workshops I attended over the weekend. What a relevant question it is, given the fact that the road to success is usually a lonely one. For you to remain motivated and inspired to achieve your goals, you need accountability partner(s).

An accountability partner should be someone who will guide you and keep you committed to your actions. Your choice of an accountability partner should be someone who would not hold feedback. They are typically supportive, and their aim is not to sabotage, but to help achieve your goals.

Being kept accountable means that you also need to be open and receptive to feedback. It helps to be open about your goals, if you keep your goals to yourself, chances are that you might rationalise to yourself and  let go when the going gets tough.

I suggest the following partners to enhance your chances of success:


Your family is a critical part of your success. Your goals should not be more important than your family. Share your dreams with them and get to know theirs because this will increase the chances for all to succeed. In this way, you will all hold each other accountable.

Accountability buddy

Over the years, I have been a beneficiary of such a relationship. I and my friend Billy, always had different goals but constantly, we would nudge each other when it seemed like the other is going off track. This is a person who has your interest at heart. They  would not rejoice to see you perish hence they are an accountability partner. They are typically a mentor, a friend or a colleague who taps your shoulder when the navigation needle starts to wobble.

Mastermind Group

Wikipedia defines a mastermind group as “a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advise from other group members”. The concept was coined by Napoleon Hill and his definition is profound. He defines it as “the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work towards a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony”. I am a member of such two groups and the benefits are phenomenal. The one is local within South Africa and the second one is made up of members from different countries. I had not experienced a better way to work towards my goals by leveraging the experience and knowledge from  these diverse groups.

Life and Business Coach

This is the pinnacle of an accountability partner you should have in your life. We fail because we want to reach success by relying on tips from everyone who seems like they have made it. The way to success needs a structure like a mastermind group but above that, you need a life and business coach who will guide you using powerful questions to access insights and solutions from within yourself. In this way, you will move into positive, proactive and clearly defined action that aids in achieving your potential, goals and objectives.

You cannot make this shift on your own, you need the support and guidance of a Coach. Tex Hlalele is a Life and Business Coach, Author, Facilitator and Speaker. Claim your free obligation call with Tex by dialling +27 64 656 6174. You can also drop an email at tex@dreamsmadepossible.co.za.

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  1. I just discovered I have come this far, only with 1,5 of the 4 accountability partners. I can only imagine where would I have been if I had the 2,5 remaining to complete my support system. This is really amazing thanx Tex!

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