How Does The Balance Sheet Of Your Life Look Like?

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We all have scars and deep wounds from our past. These are our life stories and the meaning we attach to what happened determines the direction our lives will take. Some choose to make their stories their lives and continue to stay in the dark pit. You cannot fulfil your purpose with the weight of your story dragging you down.

Once you start recognizing the truth of your story, finish the story. It happened but you’re still here, you’re still capable, powerful, you’re not your circumstance. It happened and you made it through. You’re still fully equipped with every single tool you need to fulfil your purpose.”
― Steve Maraboli

Imagine your life as a balance sheet.

Ask yourself, is this story I am carrying building assets that are feeding me?

Is this story building liabilities that are eating away from the juicy life that I deserve?

You can reframe your story into liabilities or assets, it is your choice.

A life of liabilities creates negative compounding in your life and it is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Stagnation: you are not growing, always wishing what could have been.
  • Victimhood: you attract sympathy and want the world to wait in perpetuity for your grief to end.
  • Anger: antagonising yourself and those who have nothing to do with your life story.

When you choose to reframe your life story and realise that you are not your circumstances, your assets flourish and you swiftly move to your purpose:

  • Progress: you make strides in your life and move onwards to your dreams.
  • Fulfilment: gaining satisfaction from developing your potential.
  • Making a difference: you meet others ‘needs, building healthy relationships in the process.

Unlock your assets, dreams and aspirations to bring compounding interest in your life.

You have what it takes to become the leader that you are meant to be.   You should not deny yourself and the world your gifts.

Don’t let these principles become meaningless and just another read. Take massive action today. You cannot make this shift on your own, you need the support and guidance of a Coach. Tex Hlalele is a Life, Leadership and Business Coach, Author, Facilitator and Speaker. You can contact us


  1. the fact that I am alive and recounting my scars means I made it through .thanks my dream team

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