Hard Work Is Part Of The Equation To Achieve Success

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How many people do you know who express a need for a life different from the one they have but are not willing to invest time, effort and focus to gain the new life they deserve? In most cases, the new and better life becomes a pipe dream when people realise how much hard work it takes to reach any goal in their lives.

This reminds me of a friend when we were at university who yearned for great results but he did not want to go through the rigour of studying. He would rather choose to attend parties because that was the easiest thing to do.

Yes, parties would be great for him but the results would tell a different story!

Even today, I meet young people with lofty dreams. When I ask them what do they think it will take to achieve their dreams, they start to shudder when they realise it takes time, effort and hard work.

Others would even ask if there is no quicker and easy way. I always tell them that if there was an easier route, I believe almost all of us would have followed it. Yes, there are easier routes but mostly they involve manipulation and underhandedness.   Others say, but we can do it smarter. Yes I agree, but even those who work smart still need to work hard. In most cases, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Hard work is not for the faint at heart. Even if you are talented, you still need to work hard to achieve your dreams. Tim Notke was right when he said, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. The Usain Bolt and Christiano Ronaldo’s of this world put more effort to shape their craft equally as Picasso did to perfect his artistry work.

Unfortunately some people think that the hardest work they should do is to rub shoulders with those who can give them the life that they want. Some think that they can pray their way to success.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat; determination and hard work” – Colin Powell.

Hard work involves……….

  • Mental shift: believe that you can do it and see yourself equal to the task at hand.
  • Immerse in the process: ruminating over the process will derail you, think of the outcome.
  • Embrace failure: It will never be easy – fall, pick the pieces  and rise.
  • Claim the price: be rewarded for your hard work.

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