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My name is Tex Hlalele, owner of DreamsMadePossible which is a life / business coaching and motivational speaking movement.

I  truly believe that you think big and you dream wild like me. I am convinced you have the  burning desire to succeed and to live a fulfilling life. If this succinctly captures who you are,  then you are at the right  place.

On this platform, we will mostly be helping each other discover our strengths to live  full, vibrant and rewarding lives. I truly believe that we can change and design our rewarding futures by tapping  into our inner wells, talents and treasures.

I will be posting once a  week on various inspirational topics that will disrupt your current order, educate and facilitate transformational learning to build your dreams. Through this space you will permit yourself to dream and create a life that your Creator meant for you.

You’ll discover that you have wealth buried deep inside and that you always had the  birth right to mine what is buried within you.

You’ll achieve the most scary and big  goals that you might have thought to be beyond your imagination.

You’ll think big, dream wild and prosper to be the greatest you were meant to be.

Thank you a million, always remember God loves you

Tex Hlalele
First blog post


  1. It’s really an honor, you have no idea how much I appreciate your time and efforts. I’m inspired beyond words. All the way up

  2. I am astounded daily at Tex’s determination to touch and better the lives of those around him…a distinct, professional but inspirational and supportive business leader he is.Keep it up Sir

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