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For many of us there are  dreams  we would like to realise however we constantly push these to the sideway. We forever decry lack of time, lack of resources and in some instances we plainly blame others for not starting or let alone achieving our dreams. Most people hide behind “someday” as that day when they will act upon their dreams. “Someday” and blaming lack of everything under the sun are simply ways people use to avoid facing their fears and insecurities. This is a sure way for many of us to avoid disrupting  our comfort zones and challenging the status quo.
Tim Ferris was on point when he stated that “someday is a disease that will take your dreams with you to the grave”. Most people are trapped in this quagmire hoping that perfect conditions should exist before they can take the first step. We fail to recognise that there is always the first day to everything that we need to do. For that reason I believe that a  cure to the “someday disease” is to find your starter button, switch it on and never switch it off again.
How do you find your starter button?

  1. Know  your talents and strengths

In my work as a Human Resource professional I have been approached by  people who were looking for work. In most cases these would be people I know or those referred to me. The first question I would normally ask is “what are your unique talents or skills that you can offer?” The response would be a loud silence and on that note I would try to help the person and then ask, “which job do you want?”. The answer would be, “just get me any job”. This is just a demonstration of how people do not realise the great reserves of talent they possess. If you do not know your own capabilities how  can you expect another person to assist you?  Discovering your strengths and talents will help you know what you are good at and equally so what you are not good at. Once you get to know  this then you can be able to set yourself up for a better future.  You can use 360 assessments, The Clifton StrengthFinder  and many other psychological assessments to  discover your  talents.
2.  Define your dreams
A dream, goal or aspiration should define what you would like to achieve no matter the circumstances. Imagine yourself to be exhausted, bruised and physically worn out and unable to walk and  you were told that the  glass of water in-front of you was the last to save your life. What would you do in this circumstance? What I mean  here is that your dreams should outstrip your current capability to achieve them so that you can be inspired beyond your imagination. Your dreams are like the switch that turns your ignition on to motivate and energise you towards purposeful living. That is why Barbara Sher states that “as soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has a meaning”.
3.  Appreciate the obstacles
Most of us fail to switch our buttons into action because we allow obstacles to overwhelm us. Our response is to wish the obstacles away believing that the road to achieving our dreams should be a smooth linear path. There is an anonymous quote that says that “obstacles do not block the path, they are the path”. Out of obstacles we learn, we grow and take our life to a new trajectory. It is for this reason that Frank Clark stated that “if you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere”. Appreciate the learning and experience to be gained by defeating the odds.
4. Just switch the button on
Most of us are waiting for the moment when our kids are older to do what we like, we are waiting to have “enough” money before we can invest, the list  goes on and on. We are waiting for perfect conditions before we can do anything.  Ann Wilson states that “perfection is the lowest standard to aim for because you’re never going to achieve it, so it gives you an excuse to do nothing”.  Waiting for perfect conditions is a sure way to miss your dreams. Locate your starter button and get your dreams to fruition.
Get started, its as simple as that.
Tex Hlalele
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper
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  1. There many of us you have helped to find our starter buttons. We have a responsibility to set an example for others. We are responsible for our own actions, possibly even in our failures. You continue to preach these words.

  2. Great work that you’ve done does far and I thank you for sharing.
    Leading like madiba is one of the piece I admire whereby he says; courage does not mean we are never scared. It is a matter of acknowledging our fears and at the same time choosing to follow what we consider the right course of action. Great leaders all have this courage.

  3. It’s true when they say ‘ your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with posetive thoughts, your life will start to change. Now I’ve realised it’s time to switch my buttons into action. Thanks Tax you made my day.

  4. We definitely need more of the motivation to help us find our start buttons, I have read through the page more than three time 🙂 this is great Tex please keep them coming. Next, I will be looking for your books at Exclusive 👏🏾

  5. Hi Tex, I have known you for such a very short space of time but you do indeed touch people’s lives. Your passion in developing talent in the company is one thing that stands out for me. I will definitely not give up on my dreams and my career aspirations

  6. I particularly loved how you highlighted that people wait for “someday” as if that “someday” is a live being which will be a catalyst that will miraculously change their lives overnight. Wearing a proactive hat NOW helps in taking the first step in the thousand mile journey that we usually fear to walk. You actually remind me of Og Mandino when he speaks of the value of time. Great work Tex, I am personally looking forward to hear, see, and read more inspiring material from you.

  7. Getting out of a comfort zone is a challenge that most of us face & fully support you including the blame game. Just want to hear more about how to discover your purpose

  8. The reality of what dreams can help you achieve scares most people and they end up waiting endlessly for their dreams to come. This truly real yet deep. Most that around only have one solution, starting with defeating the enemy within, fear and doubt hold many captive and hence afraid to go after their dreams. Time for that start button

  9. You certainly are helping the likes of us to outsource the bogus and focus on the FOCUS…as we find our START button! Dead dreams exhumed and long time excuses towards them squashed👌🙋☺

  10. I also benefited immensely from this read. We look forward to more stimulating and mind shifting posts.

  11. Reblogged this on and commented:

    It has been six months since I posted this article. It was written with you in mind to inspire you to locate the starter button to your treasure. You have what it takes to reach that pot of gold. You cannot afford to watch others reach their dreams while you play the wish game. You cannot stand on the side lines believing that others have the birth right to the best that life can offer than you do.
    Those who succeed locate and switch on their starter buttons. They conceptualise ideas and download them into realistic plans. They act relentlessly until their dreams are achieved. Are you allowing fear to stand between you and your switch button and by extension the treasure? Remember Susan Jeffers – she said feel the fear but do it anyway.
    We all experience fear and doubt, but those who succeed conquer them. The challenge with most of us is that we want to outsource our dreams and goals to others. We take passive and mediocre stance to our lives. Day dreaming is not a choice to success driven people, failure is not an option to achievers. Identify your talents, define your dreams and ACT NOW.
    Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper

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