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This is the last article for 2016 as most of us are already on rececess or about to take time off at the end of this week. Having said that holidays do not bring our lives to a standstill. We just take a break to reflect on  the year that was and rejuvenate for the new year. In the past blogs, I reflected on resolutions and impressed that resolutions do indeed matter. It is only logical to revisit the past 12 months before we can look into our goals for 2o17.
Most companies look at their financial year end and reflect on how they have performed during the year. Employees are appraised for their contributions during the performance cycle. Schools also appraise the contribution of each learner by means of a report card that is in essence,  a reflection of the effort expended during the year.
It stands to reason  that even in our personal spaces it is important to take stock of how we have performed in key areas of our lives. For most of us the year was the longest and darkest night. For some it was sunshine for the greater part of the year. Irrespective of how the year was, take introspection and resolve to make 2017 better than 2016.
Looking back, how would you rate yourself against each of the areas listed below? I will pose a few questions for each of the areas and you can come up with the ones that are specific to you.
1. Family
The question posed by Lee Lacocca should make us all reflect deeply: “no matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you personally accomplished?” This question becomes pertinent because family is the greatest gift of them all.
– How many parents meetings have you attended at school?
– Did you make your daughter or son     proud shouting on the sidelines of a netball or football match at school?
– Have you supported your spouse or partner with their dreams?
– In what ways have you made your parents proud?
2. Investing in yourself
Anything that does not grow dies. Plants also need nurturing to blossom. It is equally true with us human beings if we want to remain relevant in this world. We need to continuously evolve to become the better person.
– Did you start the mentoring relationship that you have been yearning for?
– How many seminars have you attended this year?
– How many books, articles or journals have your read?
-How many of the ideas or suggestions from these engagements have you implemented?
Remember only applied knowledge is power. You cannot read a book or attend a seminar and expect your life to change without applying what you have learned.
3. Finances
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Building wealth or creating financial freedom is a dream for most of us. This is important because money gives us options, it helps us buy memories, it breaks the cycle of poverty and enables us to contribute to the upliftment of others.
– What has been your relationship with money?
– Have you cleared your consumer debt or are you sinking deeper into financial morass?
– Have you started to build your balanced portfolio of equities, property and business towards your financial freedom?
4. Health
For most of us keeping physically fit is the common and easiest way to maintain our health. Much as this helps, it is important to note that holistic fitness takes not only physical fitness however mental and spiritual fitness are critically important.  We need to train our minds to withstand obstacles that are inevitable on our way to success.
– Have you shed the weight that you intended to lose at the beginning of the year?
– Did you undertaken the medical check up for prostate or breast cancer?
– Did you set time and space to meditate or to go into spiritual retreat?
5. Contribution
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This life is made better by those who give than those who just take. Givers are motivated by the need to help and improve the human course. Contribution is about creating a better world for others irrespective of how big or small the gesture is.  Takers are motivated by selfishness  and they think that they are the only ones deserving in this world.
– How much time have you dedicated to a good course?
– Have you given time to contribute without expecting anything in return?
– Have you identified an organisation to contribute in cash or in kind to put a smile on the face of a needy person?
Achieving our goals is about striking a balance in all areas of our lives. Your focus areas might be different from the above however most of us have similar areas. The most important question you need to ask yourself is if you are leading a life that supports the achievement of your goals. Whatever the status, take the feedback with an open mind and shape your goals for a better and improved 2017.
Your support has been phenomenal, until second week in January 2017. God bless.
Tex Hlalele
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper

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