Thinking high to rise in the new year

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How do we ensure that we achieve our goals? This question becomes concerning to me because every year I hear people saying things like, “I have to make money” or “this year is a year of big change”. Personally, I used to say “this is my last year of drinking”, however; my words and deeds were distant like east is to west. Instead; I went around the proverbial mountain for 40 years for a trip that was supposed to take 11 days, much like the children of Israel did after being released from captivity. Albert Einstein stated that, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”. There are many examples of my own and many I have observed, however I guess you get the point.

We can only rise above our circumstances if we wake up to the reality that achieving outstanding results is a function of extra ordinary thinking.  It’s about taking that mental leap and thinking differently from how you have been thinking all along. Success or failure starts with the seed we plant in our minds. If you prepare the soil and nurture the seed, good plants will grow. However, if you neglect your garden, weeds are bound to outgrow the good seeds therefore spoiling the good produce that was intended.  Most of us approach change the wrong way by trying to change behaviour without challenging our thoughts.

How can we do this?

Conquer your mind

 The mind is always in constant motion. It never ceases to operate and sends and receives messages all the time because it never runs out of data. The trick about it is that our subconscious mind cannot distinguish destructive thoughts from constructive ones, positive from negative thoughts, rational fear from irrational fear. Your power lies in what you allow into your conscious mind. What comes through your conscious mind is passed on to the subconscious mind that never questions what it is fed.  Be aware of what is it that you are entertaining and what is it that you need to dismiss from your thoughts. You need to realize that your thoughts, words and actions should be in harmony if you were to rise above your limitations to achieve success.  The same thoughts, words and actions have the power to propell or stall your progress. Be careful what you allow into your mind, what story are you telling yourself and the resultant actions.

Practice positive thoughts daily:

We are so good at exercising our physique but we lack mental fitness.  This results in us being so highly successful at being unsuccessful.We are good at imprinting negativity into our minds.  Like we pursue physical fitness so should we work our minds to be mentally fit. In doing so; we will be successful because success comes by practice.  The reason we fail to achieve our goals is because we rehearse failure most of the time. We can turn this around by reading inspirational books and watching transformational life stories. It’s about changing the station you are tuned into if it does not serve your goal.

Visualize your future:

See success through your mind’s eye and speak it to existence. Che Garman once said ; “visualise, in detail, the person you want to become, and then practice being that new person in all that you do”. Most of us have and continue to use visualisation. The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the latter uses it against themselves. Unsuccessful people visualise lack and scarcity. They maximise fear by seeing it where it does not exist.

You can only achieve and rise high in your life by what you create as your mental blue print.

Tex Hlalele

Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper


  1. Hi, Tex
    Compliment of the new year! and all the best for 2017
    I fully share the same sentiments with you. In my view I think most of us are still stuck in our comfort zone and we constantly ignore that good voice which speaks to us until something terrible happens to us it is then we get the wake-up call and sometimes it will be too late.
    We should by all means avoid singing this song: I have used time, I have killed time, abusive time, trying to stop time and now that they tell me I have no time left. Where is it gone this time of my life?
    I think is time that we make those important decisions in our life time now and not tomorrow that never-comes. Re-touch, extended yourself a little and see what happens we can make things change that we never thought we could.
    So I suggest that we take more that to learn because learning produces change and change brings surprise and surprise bring joy, you will never be the same person again
    Finally as they say to be is to do and I add to that to do is to do now because tomorrow might not be there and that`s the truth.
    Chess and take care
    Butiki Mkwanazi

  2. Hi Tex
    Thank you for such inspirational words. It is encouraging and always great to have these kind of reminders which become a reflection on what is one busy with.
    It is people like you that will help people like me to stay true to themselves.
    Thank you for being that beam of light to me. May your light continue to shine on others as well.
    God bless you.

  3. Wow Tex this is mind blowing and so true, many peoples life’s are definitely going to be transformed by this article, keep shining bro and emitting light in other people’s darkness.

  4. We are so good at exercising our physique but we lack mental fitness. So real!!!
    Thank you for sharing how to grow and be successful going forward. I will no longer watch the daily news – Lol! Rather read books as opposed to modern technology – phone and TV.

  5. Hi Tex
    This is really mind blowing and inspirational. Most of us are confined within our offices, perceive everything as a mammoth task, afraid to take risks and unleash our full potential. People like you inspire us to do our utmost best towards achieving our goals. Keep up the good work.

  6. Beautifully written and inspirational…it reminds me of the words ” whatever a man thinketh in his heart…”
    I am visualizing a fulfilled, blessed and successful 2017
    Thanks ntate

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