Excuses that hold your dreams back

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Overtime I came to realise that people blame the government, their parents, their neighbour, their teacher, their dog or anything under the sun for lack of progress in their lives. They use excuses to legitimise their position in life.

I fully agree with Howard Wright for stating that “excuses are lies wrapped up in reasons”.

Here are some excuses that people use to avoid taking responsibility for their lives:

  • There are no opportunities out there

This is a strange one because when I ask people what opportunities are they looking for, the answer is a pathetic “anything”. This response begs the question, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, what are you expecting to find? The answer I guess is anything. On the other hand, those who seem to have an idea of what they are looking for, complain about things being tough. As Thomas Edison said “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. People who succeed see opportunities where whiners see obstacles. Dreamers persevere and understand that quitting is not an option.

  • I don’t have resources

I hear this one mainly from people looking for work. They request that you type them a resume, or check available jobs for them on the internet.  Others complain about lack of information to get started. Sadly, these are people with latest cell phone models busy chatting about other people’s lives on Facebook. Those who yearn for success go out of their way to connect with progressive networks on social media. They use technology not to take countless selfies, but to research, increase their knowledge and search for opportunities out there. They are resourceful because they want to achieve great things in life.  Both these groups use the social media, but the object of focus put dreamers ahead of the crowd.

  • I don’t have time

I noticed that when people are presented with opportunities, they complain about lack of time. When you look at their lives you start to wonder what is it that they’re doing with their time. Successful people engage their time in income generating activities or healthy life engagements.   If you want to succeed you cut all things that drain your mental, spiritual and physical strength. You invest your energy and focus on productive tasks that will bring you lasting success.

  • It is not for me, my life is okay the way it is

I am not suggesting that people should fall for everything presented to them. I am referring to people who are afraid to challenge their comfort zones. Instead, they escape into “its not for me” excuse. I see this a lot in direct selling business where people are keen to join, however they allow fear of the unknown to paralyse them. As Jimmy Dean stated, “for true success, ask yourself these four questions: why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? People who are hungry for success grab the opportunity and learn along the way. They do not wait for conditions to be perfect. They give themselves permission to be uncomfortable.

  • I don’t have the money

The major obstacles that man has, is his lack of ideas to help generate money. We think that we first need to have money to generate ideas. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. Sometimes we don’t even have to come up with our own ideas but we can jump on the bandwagon of others’ ideas and start investing wisely. As Will Rogers said “too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like”. Use the little that you have and channel it to worthy projects that will change your life instead of impressing others.

Life was never meant to be easy and dreamers understand that life should be taken head on. Your excuses will never change your circumstances, pay your bills or give your meaningful existence. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Tex Hlalele

Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper


  1. Mmmmmm Comfort Zone, Yes comfort zone. Most of us are dragging themselves back by waisting time on 9-5 JOBs ( Jumping Over Bills). We are moved by waking up every morrning to run to 9-5 Jobs and we are rewarded by what we dont deserve. If only we can learn that we worth more than what we are rewarded by what so called our “Employers”, so that we can always come back the next day to work for them and make them rich while we getting worn out and poor.
    We are afraid to hold a bull by its horns reason being we are scared of the unkown. Im sure this comes of my mouth more often ” Fear of the unkown”. You know when I present dreamers opprtunities to others, they think I am mad. I always advise that we need to cut on clothes accounts, and other unnecessary stuff in order for us to be able leave our lives meaningful.
    As I am saying ‘WE” is because I used to be the one of the comfort zoners and I took a stand this year that good things come to the go getters. I decided “Uzoyithola kanjani uhleli ekhoneni” and I stood up and went where go getters go. I came across obstacles but I said Oh God I know you cannot put me where I cannot move out. I then stirve for the best, I am busy hussling and I know that this year will never end without me receiving what I desire. I decided that I want to leave a meaningful life, though I took that decision long time ago, and to be honest it is only now where I’ve decided to move out of the Comfort Zone and implement it.
    I believe it is not too late, for as log as I am still alive, I think God is giving me a second chance to do something about my desires and my will.
    The following is the list of things I want for myself and my family:
    1. Be a Millionnaire
    2. Relocate to my dreams house. ( A good designed house in a Golf Estate)
    3. Drive my dream car- Masserati
    4. Be a stay home well paid mom
    5. Manage my time and sped more time with my family
    That,s a glimpse of what Mumsy want in her life. And Im on the verge of accomplishing my list.
    You know I am sudden by people whom, when I present how we can make money and leave happy ever after. They always say to me bring it on. when I present opportunities to them they just listen and dont act, but they will be the first one to come and borrow money while you told them how to do that money. That will be friends, family members and colleagues.
    I no longer play that game of showing people how to catch a fish and they decide they want me to bring a fish to them. No!No!No! And you know what when those people see you succeed they start calling you names. Its either your are or your spouse is a Tenderpreneur or he fraudster, because in their eyes, everyone who is trying the better life for his/her family is corrupted or a corruptee..
    Typical people who are always on comfort zones.
    I dot want “ho sokola ke be ke shwe” ( to struggle until I die) hence I took a stand in 2017.
    I would also like to thank God for meeting people like you, who come to other peoples lives for good reasons. As you always say “Always Partner with the winners”.
    In conlussion forward I go and backwards No!No!

  2. Howard Wright, was indeed on par, when he said ” excuses are lies wrapped in reason.” These excuses are wrapped so beautiful, that they ultimately become your truth. Comfort zone is indeed a very comfortable space to be in. Sadly most of us are afraid to travel on the road less travelled. We want the good but not willing to do the work. Those who are willing to do the work allow the obstacle “fear of the unknown” to stand in their way. We limit our potential and abilities. We would rather be mediocre instead of stand out and be trendsetters. I think self-love also is a factor in constantly taking a dip in the “excuses pool.” If you love yourself you will understand that you not ordinary but extra ordinary. You will not settle for second best but the best. You will constantly push yourself and create new if not no boundaries. Sadly also we want the nice things in life and the success but not willing to do the work. We choose not to take risk. What others think also seems to be playing a factor in us being the change we want to be.
    Let’s indeed smell the coffee.
    Nothing is impossible.

  3. Wow, Mumsy this is great stuff. Listen, it is never too late to start. There are countless examples of people who started business way beyond 50 years of age as an example. KFC, Hay House Publishers are some examples. Never give up. I always say, quitters were never in the game in the first place.
    Please continue presenting opportunities to others and never dispair. You mentioned that it took you a while to shift from your comfort zone. Maybe they are in that space too. The important thing is that you took a step to be infront of them. Remember “some will, some won’t, so what (SWx3)

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