Achieving success is not for the special kind

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I recently joined a network of amazing people who yearn for success in life. Our quest is not only abundance from a financial point but also the opportunity to positively influence, impact and change lives.  From these interactions, I came to realize that these folks are not special or different from the rest. What makes successful people different is the choices they make, the boundaries they push to birth abundance in their lives. Successful people are those keen to reach new frontiers because they give themselves permission to achieve against all odds.

I gathered that success blue print is defined by the following factors:

Your “WHY”should be bigger than your obstacles

There should be an overriding reason to want to succeed. This reason should inform at what time you wake up, at what time you sleep and who you speak to. Most importantly, your why will help you surmount obstacles and challenges along the way. If you want to give up, revisit your why and remind yourself that the future of your kids, the sanity of your family and making the world a better place is bigger than the obstacles confronting you. Going through the obstacles presents a temporary pain, however failing to face your obstacles will create a permanent pain in your life. Your why should be your ticket to the future you want.

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If for a moment, you are tempted to give up, ask yourself what obstacles did Nick Vujicic born with phocomelia, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of legs and arms, had to go through to be the best author and motivational speaker he is today.

Working hard is not hardly working

Success driven people invest effort and energy especially at the beginning of their endeavors.  They understand that energy follows intention and that abundant living is not found on a silver platter. Commitment is their first name. They are not deterred by different time zones, nor by the volume of work they must go through. They are never confused by the difference between working hard and hardly working. Their goal in life is to toil for success because they know anything less means that they must work with what they are given. While some people want to outsource their dreams and visions to others, success driven people take it upon themselves through determination and dedication.

Have a strong belief

To believe means to have a strong conviction that your goals will come to fruition. It is an attitude that resides within that no matter how hard it gets and how long it takes, you will get to your destination. Self-belief comes by sending the correct signal and instructions to your mind.  Your mind will react based on what it is fed, hence it is incumbent upon you to believe that you can achieve no matter what. Most of us understand this concept however we practice it against ourselves. We believe that we are failures, that nothing will ever work for us. Guess what? If that is your belief you are right.  Remember, ask and it shall be given. Success driven people believe that they can cross the sea of poverty and they do because they have the “I can do it attitude”.

In your journal:

  • Write down goals you want to achieve in 2-3 years and why is it important to you.
  • Ask yourself who else will benefit from achieving these goals
  • What is it that you need to do to achieve these goals
  • Write down your self-limiting beliefs on a sheet of paper and for each self-limiting belief, write the positive beliefs to counter the negative ones.

Read this three more times before the next article. Make sure that you do the exercise above because growth happens only through change in behavior. If you do the above, you will appear to be one of the special kind.

Tex Hlalele

Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper     


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    Yes Mr. Hlalele if we put matter over mind we will never achieve our goals and if we keep on listening to people who tell us we wont do it, and we believe what they are saying. We really wont do it, because we allow other people to determine our destinations.
    I refuse for my future to be determine by other human being as me. Only God can determine my future ” If their name isn’t God, their opinions doesn’t matter and their approval is not needed” By C.S Lewis. I fully agree with the author. Whatever you feel you have to do and whenever you want to do it, know that God is driving you towards greater heights. Just grab that opportunity and do it. I believe that God is giving me a second chance to find myself and do what I am doing right now to achieve my goals even before 2-3 years. If I dont grab this opportunity God will never grant me the third chance. We always carrymountain on our shoulders, where as those mountains we are carrying we supposed to climb them. This is the time that I put the mountain down and start climbing on.
    You know this morning I was listening to one of the Radio station and the singer by the name of Tracey Chapman, singing ” I’ve been dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming dreammmming’. I think I been dreaming all this time, now is the time for my dreams to come true because of Im one of the special kind.
    My self limiting is Comfort zone and fear.
    I’m shaking my comfort zone away from me and I’m letting letting fear to be out of my vocabulary, because “Fear is a False evidence that appear to be real” By Les Brown.
    I want and will achieve the following:
    1. Stay home paid mom
    2. To own a beautiful house in a Private Estate
    3. To adopt destitude youth and pay for their school and tuition fees
    4. To buy a house for my helper and her children
    For now I will leave at 4 so that my goals are attainable within my time frame.
    My family and my community, blood or not blood links will be the beneficiaries of my achievements.
    I thank God and a Team of Dreamers including you who make me realise my potential. I CAN

    1. You definitely can and will achieve what you put your mind to. See it in your mind’s eye and it will come to pass. Shake off the mountain and pass through it to get to your promised land. You are great and always remember God loves you.

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