Time To Reflect On Your Goals

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Let us not fool ourselves friends, a year is a long time to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals. This is because life happens – because life happens, you cannot give up on your goals. Anyway, who said that the road to your goals is painted in gold?

In this video, I share with you tips on how to reflect and keep yourself inspired to achieve your goals.

The year has 52 weeks and we are currently on week 12. This means that there are 40 weeks to go in 2017.  The first quarter is left with 9 days and it is vital to reflect on how we are faring against our goals. It does not mean you must wait until the end of each quarter, however a quarter gives you a reasonable timeline to work with meaningful information.
Dreamer, we can achieve our goals by changing how we view timelines attached to our goals.   A great quarter starts with a day well lived. A day culminates into a week, then a month well lived leads to a great quarter and ultimately a wonderful year. Wow, from this you can only attain lifetime success and this is possible by staying focused.
Yes, it is true that the timeline for some of your goals maybe be shorter than a year, however, for most of us we have goals that span the entire year.
When we set up our goals we are usually fired up and ready for the kill until we stand in our own way. This happens because we approach our goals as a drive around the block. No, my friend, it is a journey and should be approached as such.
Before we take a journey most of us go through what I call the GORA:
Ø  Decide on the destination (Goal)
Ø  How to get there (Options)
Ø  Prepare for the journey (Readiness)
Ø  Take the journey (Action-execution)
To complete the journey, you need to motivate and inspire yourself. You need persistence, focus and determination. Part of self-motivation is to assess each step of the way, celebrate your achievements and surmount any speed bumps along the way.
After watching the video, please share with other Dreamers what makes you fired up to achieve your goals. Also share what behaviours and actions are blocking your progress.
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Tex Hlalele
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper

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