Life Without Purpose Is A Recipe For Disaster

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Have you ever noticed how paper is tossed to and fro under windy conditions? Its direction is driven at the mercy of the wind. Unfortunately, many people live their lives like that, tossed from one end to the other. They whistle in the wind, living day to day and making statements about their lives that are unlikely to make an impact or produce any results. They live directionless, in doubt, stressed and confused because they have not discovered their purpose for living.

Failure to discover your purpose, the reason for BEING – and why the hack are you on this earth have serious consequences for your life:

  • Living under terms defined by others

Unfortunately, many live on the script written by others. If you don’t have your own goals, you will fulfil the aims and aspirations of others. It becomes easy to fall into this morass because most people want confirmation and acceptance from others, they want to belong and to avoid inferiority complexes. If we know what we want, we should be able to live on our own terms. However, if you do not know who you are then your friends will write a script for you. In Sesotho, we say “Dithoto ke lefa la ba bohlale. (Fools are stepping stones of the wise).

  •  Financial debt


Most people would rather borrow money to buy the life that they cannot afford. This is done to fit and be counted with the Joneses. They buy stuff and fill their homes with things that do not serve their purpose. Most of the time people do not even like what they buy. They want the “feel good” experience, not because what they buy has meaning and significance to their lives. This is done to impress. Its so simple hey, don’t  buy something to define you, especially if you cannot even afford it.

  • Emotional Strain

On the surface, you might appear to have it all and you might even get praises for a flashy and showy life.  Living a life that is not your own brings a lot of emotional strain. You cannot ignore the inner voice that tells you that you are not complete inside and hope that by happenstance your life will be complete. The challenge is that in your own space it is you and your conscience alone. I know not of anyone who has managed to fool their conscience.

  • Living life of lies

 Basically, not living your purpose is living a lie.  You might succeed in fooling others but yourself. I used to watch the program called American Greed and there you would see countless people who pursue flashy lives, expensive cars, yachts and wonderful homes. When they are stripped naked by law enforcement agencies you then realize that they led lives of fraud, wrapped in blue lies. These are soap operas ending in a melodramatic fashion. The sad reality is that families are casualties, friendships are broken and hearts are shattered.

You must restore your sanity by BEING WHO you are supposed to be. You can do this by:

Living your life inside-out.

Loving and appreciating yourself.

Developing your self confidence.

Discovering and using your talents wisely.

Tex Hlalele

Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper


    1. Hi Noluthando, the actual truth is demonstrated in doing. Knowing and not doing is not to know. Preach the gospel by deeds and lets influence the world one person at a time

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