Find your starter button

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It has been six months since I posted this article. It was written with you in mind to inspire you to locate the starter button to your treasure. You have what it takes to reach that pot of gold. You cannot afford to watch others reach their dreams while you play the wish game. You cannot stand on the side lines believing that others have the birth right to the best that life can offer than you do.
Those who succeed locate and switch on their starter buttons. They conceptualise ideas and download them into realistic plans. They act relentlessly until their dreams are achieved. Are you allowing fear to stand between you and your switch button and by extension the treasure? Remember Susan Jeffers – she said feel the fear but do it anyway.
We all experience fear and doubt, but those who succeed conquer them. The challenge with most of us is that we want to outsource our dreams and goals to others. We take passive and mediocre stance to our lives. Day dreaming is not a choice to success driven people, failure is not an option to achievers. Identify your talents, define your dreams and ACT NOW.
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper


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