What Is The Value You place On You (Do you feel worthy or worthless)?

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What makes you feel worthy as a human being? Is it who you are or is it about the things that you own? How you regard and carry yourself communicates the value you place on you. It is a way you invite the world to treat you. Too often, we allow our person to be trampled upon because we lack self-respect, self-appreciation and self-worth.

Most of us fail to realise that we are invaluable and that no amount of value can be placed on our being.  Never allow your soul to be bought, it is priceless.

Here are three factors to consider when it comes to your value:

  1. Your self-worth is not your net worth

If we feel worthy deep inside, we should not allow others to place a price tag on who we are. Your background of lack or current economic status is not the key to others to do as they please with your life. Many of us stoop low to a point of doing shabby jobs and receive bad treatment because we always come cap in hand into relationships. Yes, money has its value, however, lack of money should not take away self-love. Equally so, we should not carry ourselves as if we have the world in our pockets because of the size of our bank accounts. Our net worth should not be a boost to our self-worth or give us license to mistreat others.


What happens if the bank balance drops? Would your spouse or kids respect you when you lose your wealth? Are you basing your worth on the money or on who you are? Remember that the money you make or don’t make is not the barometer that defines you as a person. You are the most precious “commodity” than silver or gold and your value is unequalled by any stretch of imagination.

 2. Define your Not To-Do-List


It is easy for many of us to come up with the to-do-list than the not-to-do list. The difference between what to do and what not to do in our lives is the premium we place on our values and ethics.  The level of self-worth and self-respect we place on ourselves define activities that we will engage in and those we will not. This calls for self-discipline and self-control. Temptations knock daily in our lives but the key is how we respond. If we value ourselves, then we ensure that we do not entertain instinctive impulses and urges for immediate gratification. We subdue these urges by conquering our inner self and exercising control over our thoughts and actions.  The value you place on yourself will always be the radar that navigates your ship in troubled waters. The price tag you place on you will be the shield against any potential distractions you encounter.

  1. Know what value you can offer to the world

Most of us do not even start thinking about what we can give to the world because we do not believe that we are worthy.  You cannot offer anything to the world until you challenge yourself and start realising that you are richer than the diamond mines of South Africa.  Your contribution to the world should not be humongous like what Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King did. It is as simple as teaching kids in your community about the value of life. It is about helping kids cross the street to reach the school safe. These activities seem minor however they mean the world to the next person. They are worthy to the next person because they are performed by someone who respect themselves. Identify that act that comes naturally to you without struggle. That is where the answer to your contribution might be lying.

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