3 Reasons To Change The World One Person At A Time By Giving

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The Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines giving as:

         To make a present of …

         To put into the possession of another for his or her use

         To cause one to have or receive

When you look closely at this definition, it might appear that giving should be a simple act. However, has it ever dawned on you that there are children who never hear the words “I love you or thank you”? This happens because some parents have never received the same gesture in their lives. Some kids have never received a doll or toy during their birthday. In most cases, it is not because parents are not willing, it is because they cannot afford.  

This brings up the question, if the brother or sister is not compassionate to their own, who then is expected to show compassion? Who is expected to put a smile on another’s face?

We must take a step and start with one child at a time to change the world. There is a saying that “thousand candles can be lit from a single candle”

         Helping one child changes the family

         Families will build communities

         Communities will build a nation

         A nation will create a better world

We should pay attention to Malcom Bane’s words that:

“if you wait until you can do everything for everybody,

instead of something for somebody,

you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody”

Consider the following 3 reasons for giving

1.    Giving spreads love and gratitude

 “It’s not how much we give,

But how much love we put into giving” – Mother Teresa


Giving is not limited to financial provision. Some people get involved by contributing ideas, dedicating time or just being there to provide encouragement and support. Those who give understand that all of us have the strongest emotional need to feel appreciated.  Therefore, giving should be a sign of love, appreciation and gratitude. Any act of giving whose motivation is self-aggrandizement is not rooted in the advice of Mother Teresa.  

2.    It gives hope to the needy

Many of us who grew up in poverty understand that lack brings shame, embarrassment and feelings of despair.  In places likes schools, those who have do not help sometimes.  They mock and belittle those who do not have. Giving in such circumstances should not be about feeling sorry for those in need, instead it should be about giving hope that tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday.  It should be a reminder that hope is about seeing light despite being surrounded by darkness. Any gift given with love should communicate that pain will end no matter how excruciating it is.

3.    Giving plants goodness

 Those who do not understand the value of giving, always expect favours in return. If you give, do so openly without expecting exchange of favours. By extending a helping hand, we can only hope that it is not what is given that counts, what counts should be what is planted in the hearts of those who receive. It is an individual’s choice at the end of the day, however we hope that in those who receive, a candle will be lit to give light to other thousand candles.


Identify why is giving important for you at a personal level.  Ask yourself, what is the small act that you can do for the other person? Do it no matter how small you may think it is and witness a smile on the face of your neighbour.

Tex Hlalele

Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper

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  1. Wow, this really speaks to my heart. I was still reading through, only to find that I’m at the end of the article already… so short. 🙁
    I like this “Giving in such circumstances should not be about feeling sorry for those in need, instead it should be about giving hope that tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday”… I know most of us don’t think of it this way, I know I don’t.
    Well said!

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