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In today’s video, we focus on the importance of personal development in refining your uniqueness, gifts and talents in pursuit of your dreams and aspirations.

Hi friends and dreamers, my name is Tex Hlalele the name behind the blog, DreamsMadePossible.

In this month of June, I would like to focus on the subject of Personal Development. Surely at some stage in your life you have asked yourself, how can I be better in this area or that area? How can I increase my understanding of a given subject?

That is what personal development is about. Personal development is about increasing your self-awareness. It is about building your abilities, skills, experiences and attitude so that you can be able to impact your life and start producing positive results in ginormous ways and change your life for the better.

  Once you start to understand and appreciate that view of what personal development can do in your life, you will start seeing yourself shifting towards your dreams and aspirations.

Some of the benefits that can come if you start investing in yourself are for example:

  • I can increase your chances of being employed
  • That illusive promotion can realise as a result of focusing on honing your skills
  • You can start being financially free
  • You can be time free as well because you can start developing the skills where you  can start pursuing your passion
  • You can become that better parent you have always wanted to be
  • You can be that spouse that you have always wanted to be

These are some of the examples and benefits that can start accruing out of investing in yourself.

But here is the catch – personal development does not happen by chance. You have to be deliberate about it. Those who invest in themselves are people who pursue excellence, who always demand the best out of themselves. I know you dreamer are one such person who demands the best out of themselves.

In this month of June,  I will be focusing on four topics:

  • The first topic is personal development planning and why it is an essential roadmap to reach your success
  • Secondly, why I have a coach and the reason why you must have one
  • Third, the 6 skills that will influence the achievement of your dreams no matter the industry or the type of job that you do
  • Lastly, we will review books, audios and podcasts that I have personally gone through and have changed my life and I believe they can change yours too. You can only succeed the way others have succeeded if you start to do what they have done or talk the language that they talk.

I cannot wait for the next few weeks to share the juicy staff.

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Tex Hlalele

Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper


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