How To Become A Stellar Performer in 3 Easy Personal Development Planning Steps

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The hallmark of success minded people is continued personal development. They realise that by capitalising on learning opportunities; they can have long term impact on the achievement of their aspirations. Their focus is to increase stellar performance and produce powerful results in their lives.

 This applies to entrepreneurs, people in network marketing, employees new to leadership roles, couples in marriage, individuals seeking meaning in their lives, almost anyone willing to learn.

One of the reasons why people do not achieve their goals is because the development planning piece is missing. They rush into actions and timelines and neglect this critical step: A clear picture of the gap between current performance and performance expectations.

A well thought through development plan will assist to sharpen your knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude for long term growth.

Consider the following 3 easy steps in creating your development plan:

  1. Determine the development need?

Firstly, revisit the goals that you need to achieve and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses against the goals.  Ask yourself and others close to you; “what needs to change? who should I be to meet my goals?  how does success look like?” The answers to these questions will provide clarity on what the development need is.

“If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around”  – Jim Rohn

  1. Execute the plan


Most people would rather think about doing something instead of just doing it. This step separates winners from losers.  Take the step and focus on the relevant intervention for your development need:

–       Experiential learning: You cannot sit on the side lines and wish learning to happen. The best form of development happens by doing. A driver gains experience by sitting behind the wheel.  A boxer gets tested in the ring.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” – Confucius


–       Self-study: Make it a habit to dedicate at least one hour every single day without fail to read a book, listening to a podcast or videos. Draw key learnings from these tools and share your understanding with others to cement the learning.

–       Seminars and training courses: There are many free seminars and webinars covering subjects across various disciplines. Search for seminars, workshops and training courses in your learning need. This is an opportunity to learn from experiences of others.

–       Relationship based learning: identify peers, high performers and mentors who can provide their insights into your questions and challenges.

–       Hire a coach:   The coach helps you to delve deeper into the power and innate potential that you possess as an individual.  More about this in the next article.

  1. Journal and monitor your progress


The primary responsibility to meet and exceed performance expectations rest with you as an individual. I believe in the mantra that what is not measured does not get done. Journal every step of the way and set realistic timelines to address your performance gaps. You will need to be totally honest with your progress. Set up an accountability group to keep you encouraged and inspired on your journey.

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