7 Essentials Skills You Need To Become A Limited Edition

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No one specific skill set or strength can predict success. Equally so, we are motivated by different things in life and we pursue different destinies.  One common thing for most if not all people, is that we pursue fulfilment, happiness and love. I have realised that the following skills are essential to give you a life of purpose, fulfilment and meaning.

  1. Goal setting

Most people do not set goals for a variety of reasons. It could be that they do not see the value, it might be due to fear or lack of motivation. Others might have not been sold the importance or they simply don’t know how. Setting goals gives your life direction, a sense of meaning and something to look forward to on a daily basis.

  1. Open-mindedness

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Almost no job guarantees employment until retirement age. Technology has and continues to shape human interactions.  Amid all these, we have our own belief systems that shape how we view the world. The recipe for success is to be open to new things and receptive to new ideas.  With an open mind, you start to learn more about the world around you and expand your horizons. You invite new possibilities that can impact your life in the most positive way.

  1. Focus

Life is full of distractions both within and without. The inner voice of fear, doubt or feelings of inadequacy can be powerful distractions if not conquered.  Focus helps you to filter and evaluate the relevance of some actions and activities. If something is not important, then it should not be worth your attention. Stay focused with eyes fixated on your goals.

  1. Persistence

Anything that comes on a silver platter is bound to fail. Unfortunately, most people talk about success however, they dread to go through challenges. Most give up at the sign of what appears to be a bend on the road. Persistence is a quality that allows someone to continue despite objections, obstacles, ridicule or discouragement. You need to persist especially when results seem impossible. It is only by surmounting our challenges that success will avail itself.

  1. Connectedness


No man is an island, we all need someone in our lives. You need to understand the needs of another person as much as you need them to understand yours.  Our level of connectedness reminds us that when we hurt another we hurt ourselves too. When we manifest peace, we have extended that olive branch to ourselves too. Connecting positively with others helps you to be healthy, happy and satisfied with your life.

  1. Communication

Communication is the life blood of human relations and facilitates connectedness. Communication is the exchange of information by speaking, writing or the use of other medium.  Improving your verbal communication skills and enhancing your understanding of technology creates and enhances shared meaning of your dreams, goals and aspirations.

  1. Self-management

All the other 6 skills above are impossible to achieve until you master the management of self. I believe that human beings are their own big project to manage in life. You can only do that once you start to appreciate who you are. At the core of self-management is taking responsibility for own actions, behaviours and general well-being.  It is a fundamental paradigm shift about how you view yourself.

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