10 Ways To Show Leadership And Stop Hiding Behind A Title

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I have come across several people who abdicate their responsibility to lead just because they do not have people reporting to them. On the other hand, there are many leaders in positions but they rarely show leadership. True leaders understand that they can claim their power by developing the following characteristics whether they are leading themselves or others.

  1. Solid character

History is replete with leaders who succumbed to temptations of money, sex, greed and positional power. Know that your choices are influenced by your character. You can lose everything but your character should remain intact.

2.   Guided by a vision

People will follow you only if you have a clear picture of where you are going. This can happen only if you live for something bigger than yourself rather than being the centre of the universe.

3.   Commitment

Once you pick a course in life, remain focused and committed to see it through to fruition. Remember, success comes by actions repeated consistently. Never quit because of obstacles, objections or feeling isolated. Stay committed and decisive all the way.

4.    Raise your bar


You can only be better than yesterday by refusing to be mediocre. Today’s standard should surpass the standard of yesterday. Push your limits because you have what it takes to move from good to great.

5.    Pursue value generating activities

Avoid spending a lot of your time on tension relieving activities because they will not help you reach your goals. It is easier to watch television, chat your entire day about nothing. Rather spend time, energy and effort on activities that will produce 80-90% of your results.

6.    Admit your faults

You are not perfect and you will not be right in all circumstances. Be open to advice and different perspectives. You can grow by accepting feedback and working on it. Being defensive is a guaranteed way to failure.

7.    Manage change

Change is bound to happen no matter what you do.   You need to be flexible and adapt to new circumstances. Identify the opportunities that change bring instead of remaining stuck in the past.

 8.  Build next generation of leaders

For your purpose and vision to be enduring, surround yourself with others who will take your dreams further than you can imagine. You will not be in all places all the times. You need likeminded people to support you as your dreams grow.

9.  Remain humble

The accumulation of wealth or the attainment of position of influence should not change who you are. Remain humble and remember that you did not reach the top by yourself. Hold the ladder for others to climb. Ask yourself, will others follow me even if I do not have the title?

10.   Leave a legacy

Whatever you do, always be guided by how you would like to be remembered when you are no longer on this planet. Define how many lives you want to touch and in what ways. Leave the world a better place than you found it.

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