6 Ways To Bust Barriers To Progress In Your Career

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Most professionals I have worked with as a talent executive and in my coaching practice have one common need – to advance in their careers. Their challenge is how to get promotion into the executive suites. Some rely on destructive tendencies by stabbing others behind their backs and bad mouthing them to achieve success.

This is not for you, the path to that next promotion can be achieved without compromising your integrity and value system. You need to develop or maximise the following qualities to enhance your chances of success and advancement in your career:

1. Crack your job code

You should be at your workplace to add value instead of wondering around. Great performers are distinguished by how they show up and the impact they leave for the advancement of organisational goals. You can only do this if you have a clear picture of tasks and activities that have a greater impact on the organisation. Avoid tasks that keep you busy, pursue activities with big impact and those that make a difference.

2. Spread your wings

The average and poor performers limit themselves to what is written on their performance contracts. Great and excellent performers understand the importance of synergistic alignment across the organisation. For that reason, they volunteer for critical projects and assignments that help the organisation to grow. They use their abilities not only to impact their functions, rather for the benefits of the entire organisation.

3. Become dependable

This is a quality of being relied upon and counted on. The people who are dependable have demonstrated that they are credible by delivering on their promises. They respect their deliverables and help others meet their commitments by providing information and support as required. People who are dependable are trusted and this improves their image. They are entrusted with bigger responsibilities because they have demonstrated dependability.

4. Consistent high performance

Success minded people are no one day wonders, they perform consistently day in and day out. Great achievers do not blow hot and cold and their performance does not fluctuate from moment to moment. They have energy and vitality that carries them through their tasks and projects. It is not by coincidence that high performers are chosen for highly visible projects.

5. Deliver good presentations

I have seen many people failing to get a job because of their poor communication skills. Some people fail to get funding for a project because they could not articulate the business case succinctly. Great performers have the ability and skill to engage their audience. They ensure that the message is communicated effectively by clearly articulating the benefits of their proposals.

6. Continuous development

Most people are familiar with the adage that what does not grow dies. To be successful in life and in your career, you should strive to be better than yesterday. Professionals who are driven focus on key development initiatives to enhance performance in their current roles. They also take a long-term perspective and prepare themselves for the future. They understand that closing any gaps in competence puts them ahead of the crowd.

Tex Hlalele
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