4 Ingredients To Breakthrough Your Challenges And Achieve Your Goals

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Recently a friend posted a simple, yet powerful message on Facebook and said “some of my school friends and family are still thinking 6 years later”. The accompanying picture said a mouthful. This reminded me of countless number of people that I know who are yearning for a breakthrough in their lives be it in their careers, finances or relationships. Many years down the line, most are still at their thinking corners while their counterparts are miles ahead. Most would rather blame everything under the sun from lack of time to lack of resources, including pointing a finger at their dog for barking.

This made me look closely at the word breakthrough. Simply put, the word means an important discovery, be it new vaccine, technology or an invention that revolutionises how we look or do things. According to Vocabulary.com, the word started with a military meaning of literally breaking through a barrier.

The definition that caught my attention is from the Merriam Webster’s dictionary that defines breakthrough as “an offensive military assault that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line”. From this definition, I would like to draw your attention to four steps to break through your challenges and achieve your goals:

1. Conquer the enemy

Without control, our minds operate like a house divided and a house divided never stands. On the one hand, your mind believes that it can win but there’s always a louder voice that induces fear and doubt. Most of us listen to the louder voice and we make the mistake of believing that louder and bigger equates substance. As a result, most people end up like sponges absorbing apathy, fear, doubt and mediocrity in their lives. You cannot go east and west at the same time, make a choice and conquer the enemy within and restore your sanity. You are your own barrier until you conquer yourself.

2. Unleash the vicious attack

If you are serious about achieving your goals, you need to be on the offensive, organised and forceful. There’s a maxim that says that attack is the best form of defence. Until you destroy the enemy’s ability to attack, success will be impossible. Most soccer teams that resort to the defensive form of play crumble under pressure from the barrage of missiles from the opponents and ultimately, they lose. You cannot back pedal expecting to make a breakthrough. Execute your plan and never give it a chance to breathe. One of the top earners in the movement I am part of always tell us that he works as if he is broke. That is how hungry you should be and attack your limiting beliefs with all the force you have.

3. Breaking through barriers is the only way


Most failures in life assume that life’s obstacles can be defeated by jumping over or going under them. Failures also wish to wake up one perfect morning to find a huge bank balance or to find a relationship sparkling like a diamond. Life does not work that way, you must face your challenges, demons and nemesis head-on. You must earn your stripes before you can reach a breakthrough. People want it easy and it can’t be. The way to success is riddled with ridicule, rejections, disappointments and frustrations. There’s no other way to reach your goals expect by going through obstacles. Any other way is short lived and we need to realise that “our struggles are the short-term steps we must take on our way to long term success” advices Simon Sinek.

4. Carry on beyond the defensive line

Once you have surmounted your trials and tribulations, you have no business retreating to your sorry, old self. Your new-found victory should be a new baseline for future success. Any new standard should be defined from that place. There are many stories of people who experienced financial difficulties, beat substance abuse or beat a terrible disease only to spoil that after years of struggle. My friend’s  sister went through many years unemployed only to flush her career down the drain with alcohol. Revisit your purpose, the WHY of your goals and constantly recalibrate when you deviate from your values.

Remember, we are not brought to this world to suffer, making a breakthrough is a must.

Tex Hlalele
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper

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  1. Thank you once more for the encouraging words as usual. Breaking through my challenges and achieving my goals.
    FEAR is that other word which I want to erase from my vocabulary. Sometimes I would feel that I have all the tools I need to win all my battles, and all of a sudden Fear takes over. After reading your column there’s no turning back, you are a God send, I needed a reminder that I am able, I am capable and I have potential to do and achieve whatever I want.
    I am going to face my challenges head on and I know that is not going to be easy to reach a breakthrough but through prayer, hard work and commitment I will. Rome was not build in one day and I know that I wont fix every thing at once but slowly but surely the heavy load on my shoulders will be reduced.
    I will now be bold and face my FEAR and give it a different meaning which will be my motivation. My motto for FEAR will be “Fight your Enemies And Rise”.
    Thank you Tex for opening my eyes. Continue inspiring us and stay blessed.

    1. Hi Franky, thank you for your comment The reality is that fear will always be with us. As we get new challenges it will rear its head. The main thing is to conquer it every time it appears. I like your motto, it s powerful. Live it and let it be part of your DNA.

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