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Success is relative, it means different things to different people. Equally so, there are different means and ways as there are varied definitions that people use to reach success. Many people are fluent in talking about success and how they want to bring change in their lives. They appear keen to change their plight, however when it comes to action time they pull gazillion excuses out of the hat (read ). What I know and based on many success stories, there is no elevator to success. You must take each step of the way to reach the top, whatever the top means for you.

It is only you who can decide who you should become to make a 360˚ change in your life and design the life of your dreams. I came to realise that there are four types of people where pursuit of success is concerned:

1. The feel sorry for me

Typically, these people have no vision, goal or dream. They wake up daily to nothing and have no slightest clue about what is happening around them. They are content and completely comfortable because living this way requires no effort. They follow the sun as it revolves just changing the position around the house. They tend to be people who usually blame circumstances and other people for their plight.

2. The fear and doubt trapped

These are people who my heart goes out to because they are slightly like the first group. The difference is that they have dreams and have clearly spelled out their goals, however their dreams and goals reside in their heads. They have capabilities but they are paralysed by fear and self-doubt. They resign to these forces and live in constant regret. Unfortunately, this group of people do not realize that it is better to be a coward for a minute than to be walking dead for the rest of your life. They take their dreams to the grave having lived with intentions and not turning them into reality.

3. Ride along the journey


These are people who want more but are not willing to make the sacrifice or put in the energy and hard work. They usually want to enjoy the harvest without hard work. They want short cuts or to ride on the back of others in a manipulative way or achieve by association. They usually want to arrive when all is done to claim the victory. Most of the time they pretend to support the movers and shakers in case success materialises to claim to have been part of the journey.

4. Movers and shakers


They are ambitious, always planning the next move and the next conquest in the most ethical, moral and legal ways. They are tenacious people who dream and turn their dreams into reality. They are usually trend setters who are cognizant of the challenge but not deterred no matter how big or small the challenge is. They apply what I call the C-Formula of success (read They achieve their dreams come hell or high waters.

Whoever you choose to become, there are consequences and a price to pay, positive or negative. What I know is that the movers and shakers have sustainable impact on their lives and those around them. The choice is yours and it is driven by the type of life you envisage and the consequences you are prepared to carry.

This is an extract from my first book, Face The Person In the Mirror to be published at the end of November 2017. More details will come in the following days.

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  1. Without a doubt, staying in your comfort zone is more painful. Rather go through temporary pain knowing that victory is waiting on your power zone

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