18 Recipes For A Fulfilling 2018

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Wow, can you believe it? The year 2017 has come and it is almost gone. In just 3 days, we will be heralding the new year. There are those who cannot wait for 2017 to be buried because of unfortunate experiences. Unfortunately, many people have the same experiences, self-made and repeated over many years.

We must turn the tide in 2018 and make the new year and subsequent ones the most telling of our lives.

As you move into 2018, you have the responsibility to radically transform your life and create the life you deserve. You have the birth right to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

The recipe to a fulfilling 2018 lies in the following ingredients:

1. Review and adjust your goals to achieve your vision. Who said resolutions don’t matter? Resolution is a swear word to those who do nothing about what they resolve to do.

2. Resolve to be the best at one specific thing. Your experience should have taught you by now that being a jack of all trades renders you a master of none.

3. Anticipate challenges and obstacles along the way and put in place contingency plans. Nothing achieved on a silver platter works.

4. Discard all excuses because they never pay off, they give a temporary relief. The only thing excuses serve is to hold you back.

5. Schedule time and plan for each week, this is a sure way to realise your monthly milestones.

6. Date yourself every month to reflect on critical areas of your life.

7. Reconstitute your circle of influence. Carry forward into 2018 people who respect and support your goals. Never become apologetic for discarding the toxic ones.

8. Be comfortable to become a minority in a sea of majority. We are held back by following the crowd that has lost its course. Never live for dead pursuits.

9. Get into tip top physical, mental and spiritual health. You need a holistic healthy you to achieve what you set to achieve.

10. Stay disciplined and focused on productive activities. Do away with stuff that steal your oxygen.

11. Spend time with your loved ones and build solid family systems.

12. Find a course bigger than yourself to contribute towards.

13. Empty yourself of envy, jealousy, hatred and anger. Continuing to carry these is like standing on top of a landmine ready to explode with each step.

14. Demonstrate love, gratitude and self-belief all the time.

15. Invest wisely in yourself, become a limited addition in your field of choice. Read books, listen to audios and attend seminars and workshops.

16. Resolve the inner war and stand united living a life of purpose.

17. Keep a journal, there are valuable benefits such as using your brain power and clarifying your thoughts and feelings.

18. You cannot walk this journey alone, find a coach to navigate this life with you.

Tex Hlalele is a life and business coach and inspirational speaker. He is the author of the book, Face The Person In The Mirror. Book coaching and speaking engagements by calling +27 64 656 6174 or visit http://bit.ly/dreamsmadepossible

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