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Sharing is one of the best ways I know to shine  light on others and make the world a better place.

I am a product of my parents’ upbringing, however, that was not enough to mould me into a man I have become. I am a beneficiary of someone else’s wisdom and guidance.

I have gained from those who decided to tap me on the shoulder and assured me of my significance and value in life. Was it not for these people, I might not be where I am today. Yes, the choice rested with me, however they ignited something inside and the torch has shone bright ever since.

This point was brought home when I hosted a seminar in my home town, a small rural area in the province of the Free State. My home town,  like similar towns is an impoverished location where there are a few role models.

The kids do not have a great number of people to motivate and inspire them in the right direction. Many come from impoverished homes where parents lack education, even the confidence to face the world with pride. It stands to reason that they must dig deep inside if they are to matter later in life.

The kids who made the bulk of the attendees where attending a separate session but then felt a need to come through to the room next door. You and I can call this coincidence however I believe they were meant to be there.

I was humbled by one learner who asked for my book because she could not afford it. More than anything I was humbled when she pulled me to the side and said, “your book might be the only way to be spoken back with hope and inspiration”.

I believe that sometimes the best fee is free and that a mere few rand (ZAR) should not stand in the way of hopes and dreams. These learners pleaded with me to host another session. A friend of mine called two days later to suggest a workshop to engender hope and self-belief.

Why am I raising these points? In the words of James Keller. “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”. I believe many of us are candles that can light other candles. Imagine how revolutionary it could be if you and I could build the creative melting pot for people to discover their true north. This cannot happen if we continue to be self-absorbed and thinking of our plight only. Our positive actions have the power to touch others deeply than we can imagine.

We don’t have to be a Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa to impact others. You can start by becoming a Nelson Mandela of your school or a Mother Teresa of your street. The challenge with many of us is that we want to be great to start. Nothing that you see standing big today started that way. We need to start small and never doubt our stories and how they might impact others.

In a radio interview I had a day before the seminar, the host asked me about that one thing that was said to me that I will always cherish. It was in 1985 when my then teacher Mrs Mahapa said to me, “if you see it in your minds eye, go for it”. Here I am 33 years later, the candle she and many others lit is burning with hope, self-belief, confidence and most importantly, the need to empower others.

Have you thought of your significance and the value you can add to someone else’s life? Never underestimate the power of your presence, your touch and your words on shining light on others. Go out there and together, we can make the world a better place, in one of the best ways I know, sharing our wisdom.

Tex Hlalele
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper
Tex Hlalele is a life and business coach and inspirational speaker. He is the author of the book, Face The Person In The Mirror. Book coaching and speaking engagements by calling +27 64 6566174 or visit
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  1. Share with us how you touched lives in a way that you thought was insignificant at the beginning but you then realised the value it carried.

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