You Become What You Value

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There are many friends and family members that I never struggle about their whereabouts. Not because I am poking my nose in their business – but because they have created patterns that are easily discernible in terms of places they frequent and activities they spend their time on.

They probably can say the same about me, which is probably true.

May be there are people who you can easily say what is at the centre of their lives.

Why? …… because the world does not have to ask you about what you value. You make time, allocate resources and expend energy on what you believe is dear to you. How you show up reflects what you regard as important and worthwhile to you.

I guess it is reasonable to say that you will value and treasure that which you believe is important in your life. The question is, does what you purport to value, build or destroy your life?

I agree with Bryan Dyson when he said, “value becomes value only if its value is valued”.

Now my question is,

– What do you value?

– What are the core values that guide your decisions about what is right or wrong?

– How do you gauge if you are on the right path to achieving your goals?

If you are to get your actions geared towards the meaningful life you want, then you need to:

1. Be crystal clear about what your values are: I have tested this in many conversations that people struggle to mention their top 3 values at the least. You must be deliberate about determining what your values are because they are a navigator for your life. Your values are the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles that dictate your behaviour. Imagine if you are not clear about your values, what will then be the standard of judgement about what is important in your life?

2. Use your values as a mirror to daily living: It is not enough to know your values and just blurb them out. Roy E Disney says, “It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are”. The test is whether what you say are your values and what you do are in sync? If not, then you have a serious problem of a divided house. We all know that a divided house never stands.

3. Commit to living by your values: This is about going beyond self and articulating to others what is of value to you. It represents the unrelenting pursuit of living by these values. Commitment binds you to action because without it, you will not stay true to the life you want.

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  1. Thanks Tex…what a good start of my day I like what you saying ” You must be deliberate about determining what your values are because are the navigators of your life”

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