Deal Decisively With Your Limiting Beliefs

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I truly believe that if you don’t face your limiting beliefs, they will certainly eat you for breakfast. These could be fears, doubts, superstitions or any belief that you know its not serving you.

How many people do you know who have sentenced themselves to life time imprisonment because they fear facing their fears?

There is a saying that many people would rather die, instead of speaking to a group of people.

Do you know someone or are you the person who would rather die than face your fears amd self doubts?

I had a teacher at high school who was very shy, insecure and fearful. He would literally walk to the back of the classroom and teach from that position behind our backs. It was a torture for him knowing that he had to face the learners everyday.

A friend of mine bought his car 7 years ago, but he still will not drive it to date. Do not for a moment think that he might have a physical disability that impedes him driving. No, he has produced a scary movie in his own head and he continues to replay it over and over. This affects how he takes his family around or how he fulfils his obligations because he should rely on others to drive him around.

A study was conducted that has proven that 90% of what we worry about does not materialise. This worry is driven by nothing else but FEAR.

The message to my former teacher, my friend and many others out there is that you need to:

Acknowledge the limiting belief: I once coached a person who has written a book and he had all reasons under the sun why he would not publish it. Through powerful questioning, I challenged him that no matter how nice he would like to dress the issue, it all boiled down to fear. He had hard time to acknowledge it was fear however the moment he acknowledged, he was crystal clear about what he was facing.

Challenge your held assumption: Most limiting beliefs are given life by assumptions we hold in our minds. Is it true that you will die just for speaking to a group of people? Is it true that all oncoming cars will smash into your car when you start driving? Seek the alternative truth and release yourself from the false assumption you hold?

Do what you fear the most: Even if you were to live beyond 100 years, you will never wake up to a day where your limiting beliefs just disappear into thin air. You can only deal with your fear by doing that which you fear. Your fear of driving will disappear with each attempt at driving. Your fear of speaking will disappear gradually by starting to speak to a few people and grow the numbers as your confidence grows.

Any limiting beliefs you carry  will go away the moment you face them head on. You are denying yourself and many others the benefit of your talents by remaining trapped in what will not happen.

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