Never Play Second Fiddle To Your Dreams

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What will it take for you to achieve the life of your dreams (ethically and morally of course)?

I don’t know your answer, I know mine – however today I would like to share the story of a friend.

It took him to leave his country of Malawi to stay in China and ultimately, he came to South Africa in pursuit of his dreams.

He literally did not have a roof over his head except the heavenly blue skies. He never knew were his next meal was going to come from while the streets of Johannesburg became his main bedroom.

Ordinarily, most may think that he risked leaving his family to put food on the table back home. In his words, he was driven by a quest to spread education to millions around the world through technology. This is something bigger and way above putting food on the table. Putting food on the table is a by-product of this bigger purpose. Sleeping on the streets did not stand in his way and he went to achieve a PhD in Information Technology.

He gave himself permission not to take an inferior position to his own dreams. He decided not to become a back up plan to the aspirations of others.

He never bothered about the HOW because his WHY was crystal clear.
Without a clear WHY, people wobble and are blown in all directions by the wind of external influences.

I am here to challenge you that no matter how dire your circumstances, you can still discover your WHY and chase your dreams with vigour. I challenge you to rise to the occasion and say, “let the real me stand up”.

Imagine how your life would be if you were to discover your true north instead of playing it safe.

Watch this video: and learn more about how we can assist you to discover your true north and play first fiddle in your life.

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