Your Comfort Zone is Your Grave Site

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Not many people get to know where they will be buried,  except if they proactively identify a site or choose to be buried with their spouses or loved ones in the same grave, barring cremation.

For many, we never know where we will be buried. In fact, we worry about the how and less about where our final resting place will be.

Unfortunately for many people, they are already occupying their final resting place. They are alive but dead to their dreams. They are in a comfort zone, a gravesite decorated with fear and excuses. They are not taking ownership of their lives and  responsibility for their future.

Comfort zone is nothing but:

Coziness Feeling: Many people claim to want a different and better life but they are tucked in warm blankets, unwilling to wake up to face the cold that precedes the warmth that comes with achieving success. They are relaxed,  hoping that others will come to the rescue.

Oblivious to own abilities: We live in a society where people are blind and less mindful to the potential they possess. Ours is a society where we want to rely on others, government or some big brother to do it for us. We want to sit in a corner and pray our way to success. We are already gifted with talents and we need to use what God has given us if we are to change our plight.

Mourning death of your dreams: The law of use says we lose what we don’t use. The same applies to our talent and abilities. If not used,  we  soon express sorrow to their death. With the death of our abilities, our dreams go up in smoke and before we know it our dreams as well.

Your Own funeral procession: Comfort zone is nothing else but attending your own funeral procession while alive. You wish people could be reading a different eulogy but unfortunately you have provided them with a script. What they are saying about you at your funeral is not thumb sucked. You are the author of each letter of your life story. You are standing there wishing that your life could have been different. Unfortunately, it is not.

Words engraved on your tombstone: What is written on your obituary should not necessarily be different from what is engraved on that marble. Are you proud to read what is engraved on that stone? Would you have given something bigger than yourself to humanity?

I guess not from the comfort zone.  You have to make a decision and leave that space.

Tex Hlalele

Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper

Tex Hlalele is a life and business coach and inspirational speaker. He is the author of the book, Face The Person In The Mirror. Book coaching and speaking engagements by dropping an email at or visit

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