Easy Is For Non-Dreamers

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This month of September will be full 12 months since I decided to pursue my passion by venturing into the entrepreneurial space. When I look back, I had goose bumps thinking if I would still make it in one piece. I am here now, having experienced all emotions you can think of.

I have experienced dark moments that entrepreneurs go through while others watch from the distance thinking that all is rosy. I have spoken myself out of this idea several times. I also came up with all the reasons why I need to reconsider my decision.

Every time I looked at my wall and saw a note I scribbled in January 2017, I became energised to engrave my dreams into my heart: “No matter how rugged the road becomes, I will make it to my destination. Quitting is not part of my vocabulary. I will make it, come hell or high waters”. This note and my WHY have and will continue to keep me going. unnamed

I have learned a lot in the past twelve months through the curriculum of the university of hard knocks. It is a humbling, yet invaluable journey and I will not swap that experience for anything.

These are the lessons I have picked up:

1. Easy is for non-dreamers: Nothing of value arrives on a silver platter. I made a pact with myself that I will not accept anything that comes with ease because it is not sustainable.

2. No better way to know yourself: The journey has revealed my true self to me. I have tapped into my depths to release skills and capabilities I never thought I had.

3. Courage takes you forward: It takes courage to weather the storms of life and still come on the other side armed with a big heart, full of compassion.

4. Real friends emerge: Like water is separated from oil, the hard and challenging times reveal who your true friends and confidants are.

5. All seasons are inevitable: You cannot only live in summer and sunshine. Winter will come and go, no matter how long it takes, autumn and spring will always precede summer.

6. Respect your craft: Deliver your best, never give people your second best just because you do not get rewarded as you should. That time is coming.

7. Discipline and consistency are key: Work hard, force yourself through what you need to do even if it feels like there is no end in sight.

8. The universe listens: Whatever you shout, whisper or scream to the universe is what you get back. Be clear and cognisant about what you communicate and speak life to your dreams.

9. You are not indispensable: You need others to build this castle with, alone is never the answer. Partnerships and sharing is the hallmark of abundant thinkers.

10. Rome was never built in a day: Things will not happen when you want them to, it takes time to build a castle.

I still relish the decision I have taken and I’m thankful for giving myself permission to do what I like. I encourage you to face your fears and live your true potential. Remember, easy is for non-dreamers.

Tex Hlalele
Think Big, Dream Wild & Prosper 

Tex Hlalele is a life and business coach and inspirational speaker. He is the author of the book, Face The Person In The Mirror. Book coaching and speaking engagements on http://bit.ly/2NTt0XR

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  1. All the best TaTex wish you all the best and you so right hey you cant quit and I like the fact that its not in you vocabulary. God bless you more and lead you through this unending journey we travelling with you, as you continue feeding us with words of wisdom daily.

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