The Reasons Why You Fail To Finish The Race (In Your Quest For Success)

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The #1 reason why you do not finish the race is that you never get started in the first place. That is just plain truth. How can you finish what you have not started? Maybe, you need the words of Meryl Streep to “put blinders on to those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your head”.

For me, I realised it will be a sad day to be knocked down while seated.

I decided to stand up and just do it and see it birthed.

For those who dare to start, these are the reasons why you might fail to finish the race.

# Reason 2: You have too much stuff weighing you down. This is the weight of self doubt, lack of confidence and self-belief. Shed it.

# Reason 3: You want to start big and conveniently forget that all great things started small. Create your moment, because there’s none perfect out there to start.

# Reason 4: Everything is a sprint to you. You need to size and pace yourself because this is a marathon my friend.

# Reason 5: You compare yourself to others and this is a sure way to steal your joy. Compare yourself to your yesterday.

# Reason 6: You let other people’s journeys define yours. Stay in your lane.

# Reason 7: You think that every hiccup is a mountain. Anticipate challenges and work around them.

# Reason 8: You haven’t defined your finish line, you leave things half cooked. Define what success looks, feels and smells like for you.

# Reason 9: You’re doing it for yourself, in the process forgetting that great visions see the light of day because of others. We need people to build together with.

# Reason 10: You are not thankfull – there’s a creator above all else.

Don’t let these principles become meaningless and just another read. Take massive action today.

You cannot make this shift on your own, you need the support and guidance of a Coach. Tex Hlalele is a Life, Leadership and Business Coach, Author, Facilitator and Speaker. You can contact us on

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