Self-Awareness Is A Lynchpin To Progress

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A few years back I attended a workshop where I was seated next to an agitated person. He muttered to me that he came to the workshop to learn about how to make money and not to be taught about “this stuff, I do not want to go there!”

Wow! – I was startled by the intensity of his response.

The stuff he was referring to was a section dealing with life vision, values and limiting beliefs about money.

This came to light recently when I was facilitating an Emotional Intelligence course with leaders in one multinational organisation. One of the leaders confirmed in private that the content is talking to real issues he is experiencing. However, he uttered same words the young man expressed a few years back, “I do not want to go there”.

I respect another person’s territory and I can only encourage and coach people to acknowledge their stories and reframe them. You can only reframe if you are willing “to go there” by acknowledging and not denying your past.

Give yourself permission to go to the missing parts of your life in order to raise your self-awareness and make changes in your thoughts and world view. The more you learn about yourself the more emotionally attuned you become. The more you are able to improve your ability to persist in the pursuit of your goals.

“The day you decide that you are more interested in your thoughts than you are in the thoughts themselves, that is the day you will find out your way out” – Michael Singer

Pursuing goals at an intellectual level without dealing with emotional challenges and blockers is a sure recipe to fail dismally. Even if success can materialise, it will be hanging by a thread, until the grisly issues inside of you come back to haunt you and reverse the gains in your life.  

Don’t let these principles become meaningless and just another read. Take massive action today.

You cannot make this shift on your own, you need the support and guidance of a Coach. Tex Hlalele is a Life, Leadership and Business Coach, Author, Facilitator and Speaker. You can contact us on

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