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One of the core recipes for our success in life is to plan the future with imagination and wisdom. We need to allow ourselves to get to a space where we are driven and inspired by what we can become. You need to transport yourself into that  future space and see possibilities.

Most people cannot do that because they have not allowed themselves to grasp a vision of who they can become. They are filled with scepticism and doubt about how they can change their current situations. Little do they realise that failure is not coincidental as it resonates with how we perceive ourselves in relation to our goals. So is success, it is not coincidental as it vibrates with how we channel our energy and time to realise the  future we deserve.

Our minds and outlook to life are programmed based on what we heard, seen and experienced as we were growing up. These experiences should be challenged because they are not who we are. They cannot determine what we can do, see and create. As a leader of your own life, you need to create a clear vision and plan your future today.

Most people fail to realise the power of visioning,  backed up by a solid plan and followed by taking massive action.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now’


You need to create your future today by:

# Creating a compelling vision to give your life direction: The end result you need in your life cannot be a matter of happenstance. You have the power to define how your relationships should be, how your career should turn out or how your bank balance should manifest.

# Developing a plan to execute the vision. A vision without a plan is a pipe dream. You need a realistic plan with clear milestones towards your bigger vision.   

# Taking massive action: Most people are suffocated by analysis paralysis. This is nothing but fear masquerading as taking calculated moves. What makes a difference between those who claim their future and those who don’t is that when it comes to their vision, great achievers put massive action, discipline and character to create the future they want.

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