You Have To Do The Heavy Lifting Yourself (To Achieve Your Goals)

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Most people want to have a better life but are not prepared to do the heavy lifting by themselves. They want to rely on others to do the work for them even work that require little effort.

Have you heard people saying:

  • I need a job but please come and fetch my CV!
  • I need your advice but please come to my house!
  • I need funding for business but please fetch the forms for me!

My home executive once told me of people who would say to her, please tell us when you hear of opportunities where you work. She would respond by saying, go with me to the agent that found me a job. The response would be a pathetic, “inform them about me”.

The reality of life is that sometimes you just have to do things yourself. No one will understand your hunger better than you. If your need is not bothering you enough to do it yourself, it means you are not hungry enough to push boundaries. People who just want to receive never treasure the importance of walking the path.  

I am not talking about delegation and leveraging the help of others. It helps to work with other people but not to sit there and expect them to do the running for you.

At the gym, when you put more weight, you have to push it up yourself. You can have someone next to you to provide support and be ready in the event that the weight lifting fails. At the end of the day, the person next to you will not push the weight for you. You have to do it yourself.

“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy weight”


There’s an African idiom that says a person with too much ambition cannot sleep in peace. If you have goals and aspirations,you need to stand up and do the heavy lifting yourself. There is no treasure in laziness. You have to continue doing the lifting even if it appears that there is no end in sight. When you think you are down and out, the universe will coalesce to lift you up. This will happen because you have done your part.

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