Your Job Is Not An Adult Day Care Centre

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I believe it’s a fair expectation that when you land a job you must be able to contribute to the vision and mission of the organization. Of course, this does not negate the fact that the organization is obligated to create the climate and provide tools and resources to enable you to do your job.

The bottom line is that when you land a job, you must leave it in a better place than you found it.

The AON 2018 trends in global employee engagement survey reported that at least 21% of employees are actively engaged and that 14% are actively disengaged. Combined, these are employees who have checked out and sleepwalk through the day. Some are unhappy and act out their unhappiness, undermining what the engaged employees do.

How many of us have seen videos on social media or have personally come across employees who prioritize their social media chats than serving their clients? How many times has someone on the other end of the line, with a bad attitude passed your call before hearing your full story? How many times have you listened to some boring music on a call until the phone dropped dead? There are some serial offenders in this regard, it’s not a matter of huge call volumes, but just how some employees approach their work. How many leaders do you know of who go to work to collect a paycheck without developing their direct reports or making a difference to their organization’s strategic imperatives?

These are employees who have checked out and are eating at your bottom line. These are people who leave their kids at a daycare center but do not tell them that they are going to an adult day care center, called work. They have perfected the art of complaining and not taking ownership. They easily forget time but conveniently remember when it’s lunch or knock off time without doing anything of value in between.

“Your company and your manager have a large role to play when it comes to employee engagement. But half the battle is up to you. You can choose your attitude. You need to be mindful of engagement”

Kevin kruse

As an employee, it starts with you because you are a leader in your own right. Your level of engagement and satisfaction with what you do is informed by what you choose to do today or what you choose not to do.

You may want to look at the following if you want to change your situation:

Revisit your purpose: Are your purpose and your company’s mission aligned? Do you agree with what your organization stands for? You can answer this properly if you know your values. There must be alignment between your why statement, how you show up and what your organization stands for. Take time to understand your values and purpose if you want to have meaning in what you do.

Sharpen your vision: If you live your life one day to the next without a clear plan of what the future should hold, you are bound to go with any flow. Create a vision of where you want to be in the next 3 to 5 years. Without this vivid picture of what the future should look like, you are bound to blame everyone and everything, make excuses and lose hope. Even if you don’t like your job, respect it and deliver what is expected because it is an injection to your future dreams.

Practice accountability: Accountability is taking action consistent with your purpose. There will always be situations and events that challenge the achievement of your purpose, however, taking accountability lessens the pain and increases ownership. It helps you to restore your power. Taking accountability is about acknowledging your reality, owning it and finding solutions to challenges in your midst.

No one should babysit you, take ownership of your life. You owe it to yourself to start the day with purpose, contribute immensely to what you do and to make a huge difference to your life and that of others.

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