How To Get Organised For Impactful Performance

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“For every minute spend organising, an hour is earned”

Benjamin franklin

This is critical to understand because our lives are full of distractions that if allowed to persist will shift your attention from meaningful to meaningless activities. Poor organisation is a serious blockage to achieving your goals and leads to failure to meet your aspirations.

We are exposed to so many choices such that many of us want to know anything about everything. Before the sun rises, we are already overwhelmed with other people’s problems and we leave little or no space to ourselves. We wake up straight into social media as if it’s our way to meditate.

We are overweight from consuming everything online or offline that comes our way. It is important that you shed weight and go light if you were to be productive and make a difference in your life.

You can do this by being organized and I suggest these few tips for impactful performance:

Clear your emails: The other day I was clearing my inbox and I came across a crucial email that I must have responded to four months earlier. I realised that this email was lost in the midst of other non-essential emails. I realised that I also kept useless emails that go 3 to 4 years back. After clearing my inbox and organising my files, I could access my emails with ease and save a lot of time in the process. I felt mentally light as well.

Clean your contacts: Just like emails, I used to have many contacts on my mobile phone book that I did not need. I got invited into WhatsApp groups, some just plain waste of time. I started cleaning my contact list and exited some groups. 

Decide on a few online subscriptions: This point is related to the two above. The more subscriptions you have the quicker your mailbox fills up. When I was clearing my inbox, I struggled to explain why I chose to subscribe to some newsletters. I realised that there were so many commonalities between these newsletters. There is no rule of thumb, but I became more granular and after careful analysis, I landed on 4 subscriptions from almost 15. As you go through yours, keep my newsletter as one of them. Keep them to a minimum after deciding which ones are extremely valuable to you.

Schedule your tasks: Without careful planning, you will end up doing things on a whim. This is so common at the workplace where before you could do anything, people start streaming to your desk or calling you asking for “just two minutes, it won’t take long”. Two minutes end up being two hours. Schedule your time for critical tasks and do not allow that time to be affected by interruptions. Focus on the task at hand for at least an hour to ensure that you cover a great deal in that time and take a break where you can take a few calls or meetings before you can go back to the task at hand.

Never allow yourself to lose valuable hours due to disorganisation.

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