Remain Consistent To Achieve More In Your Life

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If you were to do an honest assessment of your goals, you will realise that most of the things that you have achieved or failed to achieve can be traced back to your level of consistency or the lack of it. We become what we do on a consistent basis, be it good or bad, positive or negative.

Failure does not happen in an instant, it is built one day at a time.  Not investing time and energy consistently in good habits lead to sustained failure. Lack of consistency cripples your vision, breaks your spirit, diminishes your interest and holds you back from achieving what you need to achieve. This is a no-brainer, we see it every day in our lives. If you eat junk consistently,  it will not be long before your fitness goal disappears into the ether. If you always spend your money recklessly, your financial freedom goals will never realise.

The great in their fields, be they athletes, speakers, bloggers, artists become who they are because they are consistent in what they do.  They know as Tony Robbins puts it that “it’s not what we do once in a  while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently”.  This is a simple principle of life,  do what matters on a daily basis and your goals will come to pass.

Lack of consistency cripples your vision, breaks your spirit, diminishes your interest and holds you back from achieving what you need to achieve.

Life is always challenging and goals are not easy to achieve. It is for this reason that you need to remain consistent no matter who you are with and what challenges come your way. This you can achieve by instilling simple habits in your life:

  • Have goals: Goals help you channel your energies to something worthwhile in your life. Embrace your goals and what they mean for you and for those you love. Once you have this clearly defined, you can use it as the fuel to motivate yourself to stay committed to achieving them.
  • Instil new habits:  Having a goal will not automatically lead to consistency. You have to work on yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to see your goals through. Robin Sharma talks about 66 days process of destruction, installation and integration. You have built unworkable habits over a lifetime and it will take a deliberate process to instil new habits. To become consistent, you need to confront your unworkable habits,  destruct them, install new ones and integrate them into your life.
  •  Measure: The mantra goes that what gets measured gets done. Monitoring and measuring your goals can only happen if you remain consistent, setting time aside and following through. The nature of your goals should guide you whether you measure weekly, monthly or quarterly.  I assist my client on how to do this in our coaching sessions. I have seen the value of sticking to the plan because it builds momentum and it helps to course correct in the process of goals achievement.

Be deliberate, be prepared and remain consistent to achieve more in your life.

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