Tomorrow Is Not A Good Strategy To Reach Your Goals

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There is one critical thing that you wanted to start yesterday but have not started. Imagine if you had started it then, where could you have been? Yesterday is an understatement because there are things that you wanted to do some decades ago but you waited for the kids to grow. Now that they have grown you are waiting for them to get out of the house. I wonder what is the next “hold up”.

 It’s unfortunate that most dreams never see the light of day because someone is waiting for tomorrow.

 Let me introduce you to my friend Dave* (not his real name). He struggles with drinking which leads to him being overweight. This creates high blood pressure issues and he is acutely aware of the associated health problems. He knows what he needs to do which is mainly drinking moderately or stopping altogether, start the new nutrition regime and to follow the exercise plan.

 Instead of starting immediately to deal head-on with this challenge, he said he will start in the new year. Fast forward, the second year has gone since we first spoke and it appears that 2020 will come and go like the other years.

 He missed Abraham Lincoln beautiful words when he said: “you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading today”

 What cannot be contested is that the health problem remains. Is it something he can do something about? The answer is a resounding yes. Many of us are in the same situation as my friend and we have resolved to push everything to tomorrow instead of facing it and get over with. 

“the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”

H Jackson Brown Jr

 Let me introduce you to what the greats do to avoid this trap. Try these tips and your tomorrow will turn into today. You will learn to do things now instead of tomorrow or someday:

  • Imagine the life you desire and allow yourself to mentally visit that space. There is value in experiencing this feeling and then work towards bringing it to life. It sounds surreal but great lives where first attained in the mind. 
  • Challenge yourself, there are no benefits to suffer due to something you can control. Jump straight into your fears and limiting beliefs and find the alternative truth for the excuse that you are offering yourself. Awaken to the fact that you are a giant in waiting.
  • There’s never a resource so resourceful than your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fortitude. Leverage the interplay between all these facets and you will rise above your limitations.

H Jackson Brown Jr stated it wisely when he said that “the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”. If my friend Dave* continues on the trajectory of putting his health at abeyance, chances are that he does the same with other areas. Life is integrated and discipline in one area rubs off another.

 Do what you can do today and your entire life will be lifted.

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  1. It is amazing how most of us prohibit ourselves from reaching our goals by putting matters off to tomorrow. Thank you for the inside.

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