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If something is of critical importance to you, it takes no effort to treat it as such. You will set time aside and invest the right energy for it. You will allocate resources to increase the chances of it happening. I have always argued that people don’t have to tell you what is important to them, you will just notice the results in their lives.  

When you look at what other people achieve in life, you may swear on your grandmother’s grave that you were cheated at birth. You may even think that you were outside the room when people were gifted with extra 5 or 10 hours on top of their 24 hours. If we say we don’t have time that is not true because we all have 24 hours allocated to us equally. What we use our time for reflects that which is important to us and how we use it is entirely up to us.

“Value has a value only if its value is valued”

Bryan Dyson

The secret to your success or failure is what you put a premium on. It takes the same amount of effort to succeed or fail. When I assess my milestones, I can easily recognise where I put more effort and where I did not. I can easily notice what I value just by how I apply my time. What do you value? Is there a connection between what you express and the outcomes in your life?

At some point in your life, you set goals,creating a road map for what you wanted to achieve. Are you putting value to what is valuable in your life?

Do some of these goals resonate with what you wanted to place value on?

  1. Start a new career.
  2. Register a company.
  3. Get a coach.
  4. Register for a course or degree.
  5. Busting your debt.
  6. Double your income.
  7. Start a blog.
  8. Write a book.
  9. Read 2 books a month.
  10. Take speaking lessons.
  11. Taking your family out once a month.
  12. A date with your partner/spouse once a month.
  13. Become part of a worship team at church.
  14. Stop drinking alcohol.
  15. Shed weight so that you can be re-energised.
  16. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  17. Give away shoes in your cabinet.
  18. Sleep for at least 7 hours every night.
  19. Attend swimming lessons.
  20. Do your daily journal.

You might not have all 20 goals, but I guess most of the goals above resonate with many people. This list is just to remind you of what at some point in your life you said was important and valuable.

  • Have you treated these as such?
  • Have you not started because you say it is too early in the year?
  • How many years have you been listing the same things over and over?
  • How would you assess the premium you put on these and many other goals you may have?

Tex Hlalele is a Life & Business Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author. Book Tex for speaking engagements and to help you and your team gain insights and possibilities for individual learning and organizational advancement on +2764 656 6174 or visit He is the author of the book, Face the person in the mirror.


  1. Hi Tex, this is spot on because its what most of us do to ourselves and do not usually think of the outcomes of our own doings. However thank you for bringing it once more to our attention. Talking is cheap we need to correct ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration

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