You Can Do What Great Achievers Do (And More)

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Most of us have a burning fire inside to live great lives but we fail to reach the lives we deserve.

For some of us, we need a total deconstruction of who we are so that the new person can emerge. Some of us may need an adjustment, a rekindling of some kind to get to where we should be.

Either way, something must give in so that you can move closer to the life you desire and deserve. You might be wrestling with fears and doubts that stand between your precious life and your current undeserved situation.

You have doubts that paralyze you daily and because you have given them room to exist, they have turned out to be part of your make up. They have taken the driver’s seat in your life, career, and business endeavours.

You might probably be saying, no but you do not know my situation, my past, my struggles, and lack of resources to do what I need to do.

All the people that you admire and whose life you want to have where once where you are. The difference is that they did what you are capable to do. They did and continue to do what you are not permitting yourself to do.

They took fundamental steps that defined their lives and you are also capable to do the same. Nothing will happen in your life until you download your thoughts and ideas into concrete actions:

#1. Find something bigger than yourself: In the words of Tony Robbins, “You must find something you want to live for that’s bigger than yourself – a mission – whether it’s your children, a business, a non-profit, whatever. That pulls you to achieve, which is far more sustainable than to push yourself to. You can only push yourself for so long”

#2. Deal with your self-doubt: The worst thing is thinking that you are the only one going through fears and doubts. No, that is not the case because the people that you admire have fears. The only thing is that they never allow fear to take over their lives.

#3. Stick out your neck: Finding something bigger to live for is the beginning and mainly it starts in your mind. Until you step out of the mind into action, nothing will happen. This is one thing you cannot postpone indefinitely. In his book, Lift as you rise, Bonang Mohale quotes his grandmother who used to say, “Behold the turtle, it only makes progress when its neck is stuck out”.

#4. Get resources: Identify both the human and non-human resources that you need to accomplish your goals. Not everyone can be a mentor, be crystal clear about how to get a mentor and what you should achieve in the mentoring relationship. Mentors are prepared to give time to people who are clear about their challenges.

#5. Be resourceful: There are stories out there of many people who started literally with nothing because they found ways and means to overcome their obstacles. Resourcefulness is a mental state, a way of becoming inventive and creative despite the challenges. Napoleon Hill once said, “a resourceful person will always make opportunity fit his or her needs”. 

Do not allow fear and doubt to extinguish the fire within. You have a bigger mission to pursue and to impact others positively.

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