How To Thrive And Manifest The Life You Deserve

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Most people are caught in the survival mode and they have made it part of their makeup.

They are in careers they hate with passion; in relationships they despise and pursue activities that make no sense to them.

Most feel trapped and stuck, watching their lives becoming less of what they anticipated or dreamt of.

I believe you have heard many people maybe including you, saying these words about your goals and dreams when difficulties come up:

  • it is what it is, what can I do.
  • if it is meant to be it will be.
  • only if I can manage life, I do not want too much (this is common when it comes to money).

A survival mode is nothing else but a place of stagnation where most people look at life from the perspective of their wish lists. These are people who have found comfort (watch this video) in what I call the “when and I will” statements.

  • When my kids start growing, I will start investing (a lifetime wait indeed).
  • when most people leave the room, I will be able to present to a few that are left.
  • when I get a raise, I will invest in my development.

Allow yourself to stay in that moment when you say these things and observe what is happening to your body.

  • Is your energy level rising or dropping?
  • Is your body contracting with fear and sadness or expanding with joy and vigour?
  • Do you experience a surge of ideas or does your mind go blank?

It is difficult if not impossible to manifest the life you deserve in a survival mode. Once in a survival mode, you cannot feel a strong connection with self, your purpose, your family, or friends.

It becomes almost difficult to imagine a life beyond your current circumstances or to string ideas about what is possible.

This is a sad state to be in and it is unsustainable.

How do you escape the survival mode?

Maya Angelou has the answer for us, and she put it beautifully:

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with compassion, some passion, some humour, and some style”

We can change gear from survival mode to thriving only when we acknowledge that the survival mode blocks our dreams, goals, and aspirations. We should be willing to break from feeling trapped.

Let us look at how you can start to THRIVE and manifest the life you deserve:

Clarity of Thought: We need to have clarity of thought to realise that we need a better life. Find a space and time where you can be alone and dive into your thoughts about what you really need in your life. Focus on new and positive thoughts about what is possible.

You got to be Hungry: Les Brown said it brilliantly, “Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way”.  

Resourcefulness: Leverage your inner resourcefulness to become creative and innovative besides the challenges that you will inevitably face.

Inspiration: Find your deep-rooted passion, something that will mentally stimulate you to do something creative and that can change your life. Ensure that your competence and passion intersect to solve something bigger in your life. This will inspire you to wake up every day.  

Vitality: You need to be physically strong and mentally active to build your endurance. Without energy and vigour, it will be difficult to tackle daily chores. Exercise will help to increase the production of endorphins which relieve pain and stress.

See what you start to the End:  The end game matters, but what is more important is achieving the small milestones. No matter how small the achievement, it will finally take you to the large victories.

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