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Every time I drive behind a truck or three in front, I feel uncomfortable. The main reason is that it obscures my vision. I can hardly see the road and the road signs ahead. Even when I am on the route I know, I still need the comfort that clarity brings.

This is even worse in rainy conditions where the truck splashes water on the car windscreen making vision even more difficult.

Unfortunately, most of us go through life like driving behind a truck, obscured by social pressures and latest trends that diminish the view ahead. These external factors lead to an inner war that leaves many people divided, leaving nothing to dream and aspire to.

No decision worth to change your circumstances can happen when you are obscured. You need a clear mind and high level of focus to separate the wheat from the chaff.  You cannot change your existence without changing your thoughts. Changing your thoughts requires clarity.

You need to be aware of the things that keep you away from your goals. Until you recognise and accept the reasons for lack of clarity in your life, you will continue to suffer and constantly move away from the future you deserve.

Here are three reasons why you might be lacking clarity:

  • The past: When you allow what happened in your past to continuously define and dictate the present, you will always be pulled back into self-pity, anger, hate and envy. No magic will happen with the negative energy swirling around you.
  • The voice of others: Overtime I came to realise that most people hear the initial part of your sentence and immediately they unleash advice without fully understanding your plight. They will not even ask what you want out of the situation. They will tell you what you must do. Once you allow that to happen, you will miss the opportunity to think deeply about what you want. There is nothing wrong with listening to others and learning from their experiences. I am impressing upon you that you have a responsibility to come to your conclusions about your life and free from the interference of others.
  • You: You might be aware of the responsibility that comes with changing your thoughts and circumstances. You might be caught in the past and listening to the voice of others only to give yourself a reason not to own your life. It takes you to stand up and be counted if your dreams and aspirations are to come to fruition.

Aspire for a clear mind and take charge of your life. Once you do that, you will realise the value that clarity brings to your life:

  • Clarity drives alignment: Once your vision, goals, thoughts and beliefs are aligned, no obstacles formed against you shall prosper. Alignment of these elements defines how and on what you need to spend your time and energy.
  • Clarity reduces anxiety:  It is not a good feeling to walk in the dark not knowing where you are going. Getting clarity is like finding a light switch in a dark room. It illuminates the way ahead, removes the worry and creates a better picture of how the outcome will look like.
  • Clarity increases decisiveness: Decisions are easier to make once you are clear in your mind about the type of existence you desire. You can eliminate from the equation things that are not going to move you in the direction of your dreams.
  • Clarity facilitates execution: Alignment of vision, goals and thoughts is not enough. Any goal, no matter how clear it is can only become a reality once it is executed. As Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination”.

You cannot see what is on the other side while you are obscured by the truck in front of you. Overtake and get clarity of the way ahead.

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