Go After What You Envision

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“Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”

Oprah winfrey

You have heard many times people saying go after your dreams, think beyond your limitations because the sky is the limit.

Unfortunately, most people do not take this advice because they think it is some pie in the sky thinking. Before you know it, someone will tell you to be “real” and to come down to mother earth.

It becomes even scary if the voice about “being real” comes from inside of you.

Let me tell you the most important gateway to the future you deserve comes by firstly allowing yourself to dream and using your imagination to its fullest. It takes putting outrageous ideas and thoughts on paper no matter how unrealistic they may sound.

It takes allowing yourself to have a mental picture of the future you desire, a picture of what has not materialised but something that you believe you can achieve.

Once you allow yourself to do that, you get deeper into a state that motivates and inspire you for a higher purpose.

It is for this reason that Roy T Bennett said “create a vision for the life you really want and then work relentlessly towards making it a reality”.

 Most people do not get to the first part of this quote which is to create a vision of the life they want because they want to have immediate answers about how the vision will be realised.

When you rush to get answers, your mind gets cluttered about what is impossible even before you can define the dream thoroughly. Before you know it, you throw out the window all the ideas before they are fully developed. This happens because of the fear of the unknown and elements of self-doubt that take over.

It is for this reason that you need to develop the discipline to separate vision creation from the steps you need to take towards realising the vision.

The second part of Roy T Bennett’s quote which is to work relentlessly towards making the vision a reality can be realised by discussing and critiquing the ideas.

This process allows for the refinement and reprioritisation of the best ideas that will facilitate the attainment of the vision.

Walt Disney was known to be a dreamer who did not allow the voice of the critic to interfere with his dreams. It is for this reason that he called his designers Imagineers; people with the needed combination of imagination and engineering skills to build a theme park. Imagineers were innovators and artists who refused to say what was impossible.

You are an Imagineer of your life, business or career who has what it takes to refuse to say what is impossible but to go after what you envision. Until you can separate these two key processes, your vision will remain blurry.

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