Obstacles Do Not Mean The Death Of Your Dreams

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“Permanence, perseverance, and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.”

Thomas Carlyle

You have experienced many obstacles and challenges before, and you are yet to experience many in pursuit of your dreams. Unfortunately, none of us has a choice when it comes to the struggles and storms of life, they are guaranteed to sweep at some point.

Oftentimes when we are faced with obstacles, we succumb to anxiety and lose our focus. We are swept by fear and only see darkness to a point where we conjure a list of what is impossible.

This reminds me of a former boss who was a menace to every single soul in the team and across the organisation. It was like she woke up to manufacture large quantities of unhappiness enough to distribute to anyone she crossed paths with.

We always joked that she was a contagious disease that spread venom on every surface she touched.

People were so afraid of her because they believed that she holds the power to their advancement in the organisation and their lives in general. Some succumbed to pressure and lost themselves in the process because they wanted to please her at their own expense.

This started to raise questions inside me about why most of us lend success or the achievement of our dreams to some external force.  

I realised that it was not about external pressures rather it is the internal conversations we have with ourselves that determines if we will achieve our dreams or not. Until we are alert to these internal conversations, we will continue to erect obstacles huge enough to obscure our visions and dreams.

If we allow others or the situations to determine how we feel and how we see ourselves, we deepen the stronghold of the internal obstacles on ourselves.

Our self-confidence and self-belief erode and before we know it, we convince ourselves that we are not enough and have nothing it takes to reach for our dreams.

You can turn the situation around when you do not see yourself as inferior to the obstacles in front of you. You also should not see the obstacles too big for you to handle because that conjures thoughts of a potential threat.

 See yourself as equal to the obstacles and challenges in front of you and observe the positive energy and self-belief that radiates inside of you.

Follow these suggestions and turn obstacles into allies:

Revisit your personal vision

If you do not have a personal vision, pause now, and contact me. Having a personal vision is extremely critical to sustain yourself by engaging in high sense-making activities. Unless you know what you want in your personal life, it will be difficult to know what you want out of your professional life. Be intentional about developing a clear picture of the person and leader you want to be. This should be followed by putting in more focus, energy, and determination to become the person and leader that you want to be.

Become an intentional learner

This might sound like a farfetched idea about how you can learn amid the obstacles. McKinsey’s report defines intentional learning as the practice of treating every experience as an opportunity to learn something. The report states that “although intentional learners are experiencing all the same daily moments anyone else might, they get more out of those opportunities because everything – every experience, conversation, meeting, and deliverable – carries with it an opportunity to develop and grow,”

 Ask yourself, “what is it that I am learning about myself as I go through these challenges?

How can I use these challenges to grow and develop into a better person”

Answers to these questions will help change the trajectory of the internal conversation from a victim loop to embrace an accountability loop. No obstacles are too big enough to kill your dreams.

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