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“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”


We should constantly remind ourselves that we have what it takes to achieve our goals. None of us could have anticipated how 2020 turned out with the coronavirus and the challenges it brought. The advent of the year 2021 will not mean the demise of the virus and the setbacks it created.   Life will continue to have both the ups and downs.

If you have not learned something about yourself during this phase, then think again. I suggest that you need to believe that you can be more, do more and create more irrespective of the circumstances you face.

Achievers have a great quality which is a desire to succeed and this desire is driven by a goal, dream, aim or aspiration. A goal is linked to an outcome and an end state which focuses the mind to look forward to the brighter side. The goal should be big enough to energize and give you a reason to wake up.

The bigger the goal the more energy, focus and attention are given to its pursuance.  It forces you to engage all your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional faculties as they should operate in harmony towards the achievement of the end state. The greater the conviction to succeed the greater the energy expended to see its realization.

The reason for the achievement of the goal should be so compelling to ignite that fire within. If the reason for the achievement of the goal is clearly articulated, failure becomes no option, nothing will stop you because it is a must for you to achieve. William Blake once said that “those who restrain their desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained”.

Personally, my burning desire to achieve was driven by a need to escape poverty, to have a better future than what my parents could provide. I was driven by the urge to turn my family’s situation around for the better. Growing up I witnessed poverty first-hand. Poverty is despicable, demeaning and reduces one into nothing.  It curtails options and makes one the scum of the world.

Most people do not achieve their goals because the goals are not big enough or compelling. Some people are consumed by fear, self-doubt, or self-pity. Some people accept their situations as given and they wallow in self-pity or look to others to rescue their plight. In some instances, they fail because they follow the crowd. Because they have not searched the WHY for their goals, somewhere along the way they lose sight of their dreams and goals then they say life happened. They feel frustrated and give up, which is bound to happen because their Why is so small or because they followed someone else’ goals.

Find a compelling reason, a BIG goal, a BIG why to fuel your desire to succeed. It cannot be someone else’s goal; it should be your own goal and dream because success is personal.

At DMP we help people fuel their desire to succeed by defining their goals.

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